Wednesday, April 13, 2005

You Talkin' Tuh Me?

Yesterday while Trey was in school I had some errands to run, one of which was to run out to the hospital to have some paperwork filled out for said school. While I waited and waited and waited in the pediatrics office, one of the employees of the hospital came up to the reception desk to gab with the ladies behind the counter. There was a small vase with three or four sticks of bamboo sitting there to bring some life to the area. The lady who walked up started saying something about having some bamboo at home and putting it in a bowl to which she added a goldfish. When I heard goldfish, I really started listening. I thought, you don't put goldfish in with bamboo you crazy woman! but didn't say anything...yet. This woman had such a southern twang that I found it quite entertaining to listen to her speak. She obviously wasn't shy since she decided almost everyone in the waiting room needed to hear what she had to say and turned around to look at my daughter. After commenting on how cute Leah is (she's so right!) she then asked me about the fish, "do yew know anythang about whut kinda fi-ish to puht in thar?"
"Um, I think you're supposed to put a beta in but I'm not sure."
"Oh raht! A beyta fish! Haw haw haw. Here Ah wuz puttin a goldfi-ush in thar and Ah jest couldn't understayand why it wuz dye-yun. Hey! This girl really knows about fi-ush!"
"Um, no not really. I've just seen some of them at the store. You could always go to Wal-Mart or something and ask what you should put in with the betas."
"Have yew seeeen the peepul who work at Wul-Mart? They ain't the brahtest crayon in thu box if ya know whut I mean."

Um, yeah. Well said.


Judy said...

Hmmmm...I'd think twice about asking Wal Marteers anything about fish - our Wal Mart employee of the month checked us out with our guppies one afternoon and PASSED THEM OVER THE MAGNETIC SCANNER. Next day - all dead.

Rocket science...

Jen said...

That made me laugh out loud even though it's so sad. Well, you don't exactly graduate from college with dreams of working there I suppose!

Beth said...

my #1 pet peeve, stupid people. Our office once tried giving everyone a Beta fish for our desk, they wanted to add some life to our desk, I hated it, because I can't stand fish as pets.

Paul G. said...

Walmart + fish = dead fish
No surprise
Try a pet store where the business is -live pets- instead of a place that sells rebranded Chinese TV's and pantyhose.