Friday, April 22, 2005

I Don't Understand

I'm in line at the grocery store. A woman pulls her cart up behind me as I'm loading my groceries onto the belt. She then says to me, "Is it a girl or a boy?"

Leah doesn't have long hair, she didn't have a headband on, she didn't have "girl" tattooed on her forehead. But she was wearing a shirt with pink and purple flowers, pink pants and had on socks with pink flowers on the ankle. "She's a girl", I replied.

The lady responds, "Oh, I couldn't tell. She doesn't have on any earrings."

You know, if you drive two hours north you'll see plenty of little boys with their ears pierced. Sometimes the baby's daddy sports more bling than the mommy. If that's the only way you can decipher gender, you've got problems.


Beth said...

I hate that...I got that about my daughter all the time, because she was bald till she was 1yrs old, and I would dress her sooo girly. Now with my son I get the same thing, and he will be wearing an all boys outfit, with like trucks or planes on it. Why don't people look first.

Renee said...

I get that with my daughter too. Our kids are close in age. We have a 4 yr old son and a 11 month old daughter...nice blog by the way!:-)

Judy said...

Same stuff here, only different gender. My DH finally cut my older son's hair when he heard "Isn't SHE cute" too many times one day...hello! The boy has on baseball blue stuff every day...yeah, I know girls can play ball, too, but come on.

One lady told him that he was just too pretty to be a boy...don't know if that was a compliment or not!

Tammy said...

Well my daughter has had her ears pierced since she was only 6 weeks old and I would always get, "What a cute baby boy, What's his name?" She would be dressed in pink from head to toe and I would still get that.
I found that it was always the old folks who would not know the difference. Some people can just be plain stupid.
I get that now with my son. "What a cute baby girl." Mean while he is in blue outfits looking like a boy would look. Like come on it's not like he is in pink or a dress.