Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Accent - Dude, None. Do, like, Californian's have accents and stuff?
Bra size - Varies depending on how recently the baby ate
Chore I hate - Dishes!
Dad's name - John
Essential make-up - mascara and lipgloss
Favorite perfume - Estee Lauder, Pleasures
Gold or Silver - Either
Hometown - Vista, CA
Interesting fact - I'm a decendent of the Hershey family
Job title - Stay at Home Mom
Kids - 2
Living arrangements - Blessed to be living in a four bedroom house with my husband (when he's not deployed) two kids and two cats with wild rabbits who think our back yard is their buffet.
Mom's Birthplace - Fontana, CA Don't go there, they'll cut you.
Number of apples eaten in last week - None
Overnight hospital stays - 2, when my kids were born
Phobia - spiders
Question you ask yourself a lot - Why can't I get anything done?
Religious affiliation - Baptist
Siblings - none
Time I wake up - anywhere between 6 and 7
Unnatural hair color - blonde and red highlights
Vegetable I refuse to eat - Lima beans
Worst habit - procrastination (See letter "Q")
X-rays - I vaguely remember having one when I was a kid but don't know what it was for
Yummy food I make - Brownies
Zodiac sign - Taurus

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Beth said...

That was fun I put it on my site too.