Monday, April 04, 2005

Doin' the Happy Dance

Tomorrow starts our new life. Trey. Starts. Pre-school. WOOOHOOOOO!!! I don't know which one of us is more excited. We have been talking about school for almost a year now. It's what I used as leverage in potty-training. I searched all over North County for the *perfect* place to send him, finally found one, paid the deposit, turned in the forms and he will be there bright and early tomorrow morning.

I love my son dearly. He's a bright, inquisitive little guy with a good heart and he loves to learn new things. I'm tired. I'm happy that someone else can stimulate his little sponge-of-a-brain for two full, yes FULL days a week. He gets to socialize with other little kids and do things that he can't do at home either because we a) don't have the materials b) didn't think to try it at home c) mommy has to take care of the baby or d) I'm just too plain tired to do much of anything. Every single morning after he wakes up he asks if we're going bye-bye today. The kid is bored. He has a library of books, Play-Doh, toys, a swingset, board games, puzzles, crayons and the list goes on. He doesn't want any of it. He wants to be with people. I'm not a people person. If I could spend the whole day alone and not speak to anyone I would be in heaven. Trey is just like his daddy and wants to be on the go and out with his buds. Now we'll both get to do what we want. Or at least I'll get to do what I want on Tuesdays and Thursdays while the baby's asleep.

Monday is MOPs, Tuesday is school, Wednesday is park day in the morning and church in the evening, Thursday is school and Friday is our play date day. The social calendar is full. This really does make the week go by faster and every Sunday is one Sunday closer to Bill coming home.

Isn't it sad when your dreams go from exotic vacations with fruity drinks and glamorous dinners to being able to grocery shop without having to say, "stop touching that!" every five seconds or going to the postoffice and not losing your place in line in order to keep your child from pulling all the stamps off the display wall? In two years both kids will be in school. What will I do then? I think I may implode from the excitement of the possibilities and then fall to the floor in a heap from the guilt of wanting my kids to be gone a few hours a week.

Trey and Leah: I will always love you dearly and you will always be my babies. Please don't put me in a home.


Beth said...

I am so happy for you...A morning with a little quiet time. I am also using the whole preschool things as leverage for potty training but its a nogo! My daughter wants nothing to do with the potty. Well she is only 2 right. Anyways enjoy it...soon he'll be there full time.

Judy said...

One of the best things I ever did was send my son to preschool two days a week - he's now in pre-k for 1/2 days 5 days a week (I used to work at the school until my youngest was born this past fall), and for the mere socialization, it was sooooo well worth it. It will let him grow in ways you will be amazed, and you'll miss him just enough to love him all the more when you're with him! Both of you HAVE FUN TOMORROW!

Tammy said...

Jen, this is a good thing you are doing for him. When my daughter was born my mother-in-law would watch her when I went to work but with her she wasn't learning alot because my mother-in-law only speaks spanish. So at the age of two I decided to put in her a pre-school/daycare. She loved it. She got to play with other kids which she loves and I am like you. I like being at home where as the kids want to get out.
Trey is going to love this and so are you. Gives you that one on one time with your daughter. I have that one on one time with my son two/three days a week when my daughter is in school and it is great. Enjoy

queenmum said...

Wow, there ought not to be guilt. Motherhood is not martydom. But our culture's view is such. This is a great thing you do. For him more than you, if you can envision such a thing. Recall your own early youth; what helped you grow and stretch? Enjoy the adventure knowing that"there's no cryin' in parent-hood!"