Friday, April 22, 2005

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Get Back Into the Water

Unfortunately, I have to pull Trey out of preschool. They just went through a change of ownership and a lot of strange things have been happening. He hasn't even been there a full month and already they've lost two of his sheets and his blanket, all which had his name on them. He is the only 'Trey' in the whole school. They suggested to the parents to keep sunscreen in the child's cubby for when they play on the playground. It hasn't been used once and he's come home sunburned twice now. Trey is very fair, blonde and blue eyed. I've never received any reports on curriculum and there's never been any project of any sort for him to bring home. Every time I pick him up I ask what he did that day. Now of course, a three year old isn't going to tell me the ins and outs of school but I expect something. He can't tell me anything new. No new songs. No painting. No new crafts. Nothing. Yesterday my friend was there picking up her son and she told me that she found Jacob in the foyer with some other kids, alone! The only thing separating the foyer from the parking lot is a set of glass double doors. Anyone could have come in and grabbed them, or the kids could have run outside and into the parking lot. What is going on? One of the directors is moving to Colorado and the other one, whom I really like, is soon going on maternity leave. I've made an appointment for another preschool to tour their facility early May. Unfortunately, the earliest I could get him in is July 5th and he'd be there 3 half days instead of 2 full days. And that's not even a definite. The good part is, if Trey's in their summer program, he's guaranteed a spot of the fall and this is a highly recommended school. I want to put him there for K-8 and one of the ladies at our church is the 1st grade teacher there. Numerous kids from our church attend school there, so I'm a little more confident about this place. I'm sad that I have to pull Trey out of school but Lord knows what could happen to him with the lack of supervision going on. Out of all the new teachers that have been hired I doubt any of them actually have certifiable educational credits. It seems like it's turned into a giant daycare, and that's not why I put him in school.

So, we will have two months of our old routine and then start a new one. Another benefit of switching is that Trey's girlfriend (hee hee) is probably going to be attending the same preschool. Her parents and my husband and I joke that they will go to the prom as friends and when telling their own friends about it say something like, "Yeah, I'm going with this person I've known since I was two. S/He's such a dork!"

Who knew that the social calendar of a three year old could entail so much?


Judy said...

Sorry about the preschool woes, but you should always go with your gut instinct. If things don't seem right to you, then they probably aren't.

Good luck on the new school search!

Beth said...

oh my gosh I can't believe that school could be so bad, I hope you let the have hit. Well listening to what you just went through is going to get me ready for when I have to do it with my 2 kids. Thanks for the advice.

Tammy said...

WOW, that's scary. I go back to work in September and I still don't know what I am going to do with my son. My daughter has been going to the YMCA here and it is great. But they don't take kids until they are 2. SO I have to find something else for my son until he is 2. I hate going through this. I want to find someone that I know and feel comfortable with. My husband wants me to go back to work now and there is no way that I can leave my son now. I would miss him to much. I so wish I could be a stay at home mom but money wise it is not possible.
Finding daycare can be hard. I wish you luck with finding another preschool.