Friday, April 08, 2005

I am up too stinkin' early today because we have a playdate and I have to finish cleaning my house. Did you know that company is great for housekeeping as it makes you look at your living situation through new eyes? I am a perfectionist when it comes to others seeing my house. When it's just us, I'll get to it later. It's been so beautiful and sunny and the temperatures have been unseasonably warm. Today...when there are to be five children in my home...and the plans were to scooch them out into the backyard...scattered showers. This is also the day my gardener should show up. Don't look at me that way. We only have a gardener because my beloved Manly man is gone and I cannot possibly do everything by myself. It's definitely a luxury I could get used to, though. Maybe I'll show a picture of our back yard and you can see why I need someone else to mow the back forty. In all honesty, my new blog friends will probably laugh at my version of a large yard seeing as how they are not from California where a "yard" these days is about the size of a postage stamp...but I digress.

We survived our first week of preschool. I made sure to keep my cell phone with me at all times on Tuesday because I was sure the school would call me to pick up my crying baby. The phone never rang. I drove over a bit early to get him and all the kids were on the playground. Trey was happily driving a red and yellow plastic car, you know the one, and when he saw me he got out and ran the other direction. He did better than I thought he would. The first thing out of his mouth was, "I don't wanna go back to Trey's house!" Good sign? I think so. My only beef so far is that he's fallen down and scraped up either his elbow or knee both Tuesday and Thursday. If we keep going at this rate I'm going to need to wrap him in bubble wrap. Do they sell that at Costco? The really good thing is that he doesn't nap nearly as well at school as he does at home which means he's not fighting me at his 9pm bedtime. Sometimes I even get him to bed and am back downstairs by 9 which is especially important Sunday evenings for the simple fact that my guilty pleasure, Desperate Housewives is on and it's just not as good the following day viewed on VHS.

What did I do these Trey-free hours you ask? I'm currently in a class at our church called Experiencing God on Tuesday mornings (awesome, by the way) so that takes up my a.m. time and then it's all about the princess. She is a different baby when the spotlight isn't shared. I've never seen this girl flirt and show off as much as she did Tuesday! She was waiting for her time in the sun, I suppose. Next time, I'll have to break out the video camera. Thursday I went to Costco. LOVE Costco. I wish they sold more stuff...honestly! I got to cruise up and down every aisle at my own pace, not having to warn fellow shoppers that a little Tazmanian Devil was on his way to attack. I could look at the kids books without suggestions to look at "this one! and this one! Wow! What's thaaat? Mommy!!!" Thrilling! I know I wish your life could be so glamorous. I'm sure there are many more exciting adventures that the little lady and I will take on our Tuesday/Thursday girls' day outtings. You'll just have to wait patiently for me to post them! Now I am off to empty the dishwasher and pick up all the cheerios that have migrated from Leah's saucer to the floor.

Au revoir!


Judy said...

I have been checking back on your blog to see how preschool went - glad he's loving it, and you are, too!

Beth said...

I am glad that preschool went so well. A scraped knee is a scraped knee, my daughter gets them practicly everyday, she is definetly not a girly girl. It must be a nice relief to have so "Judy Time", I crave that. I get up early so I can have a coffee and just do my blogging before the kids are awake, thats my escape.