Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Summer Part 1

I seem to be without words, but I'm certainly not without pictures this summer.
Firepits in the driveway seem to be the thing to do in the neighborhood. The start of the season included lots of gooey s'mores and kids and dogs. And beer. There always seems to be beer.
A little girl turned 6 despite my pleas to stay five.
A tornado warning threatened to delay our Build a Bear party. Fortunately, weather didn't win this time.
That same little girl graduated kindergarten. I did not approve.
I started a super huge project in Trey's room that will only take me about fifteen years to complete.
It was our turn to host the firepit and it started out great. And then, like Denver weather does, it totally changed. The skies opened, the lightning cracked and as you can see from my husband's lovely face he was thrilled to hold a beach umbrella over the pit to save the fire. What a trooper.
Trey started baseball and loves it. If you know my kid, that's huge. A sport he actually likes. Halleluja! He's holding up first while Bill coaches first. And that awesome contraption in the back is our local water park that is uber cheap to get into.
We had to have the perfect kicks for 4th of July.
And that's the end of the beginning chapter to summer. We have a lot more to cram into a few short weeks before the kids go back to school. Seriously, who goes back to school August 9th??

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Summer Time Blues

I'm at a loss for words. No, nothing tragic has happened. I just don't have any words in me that are dying to come out in story form. My brain has hidden them somewhere in the deep while it continues to produce phrases ad nauseum.
  • wash your hands
  • turn off the tv and go outside
  • I'll make lunch in a minute
  • what do you mean you don't want to play with your sister? Why do you think I had 2 kids?
  • you can pour your own cereal
  • did you flush?
  • get a napkin and clean that up
  • put your markers/Legos/Wii remotes/dolls away

My brain is fried with summer time commands and we've only just begun. There are stories. Somewhere. I hope I find them soon.