Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wild Thang

Know what’s really creepy? When it’s totally dark outside and you’re sitting in the quiet of your house, in a room by yourself, and you hear something. And it’s not the hubster or the kids. You hear something outside. And it’s too big to be your faithful bunny companions. And it’s not your cats because they aren’t allowed outside. And you keep hearing noise but it’s not distinguishable but you’re paranoid because your house was broken into when you first moved in. And then the sensor light goes on. But nothing runs away, so you look out the window. And you wait. And you hear it some more. And then it appears. A stupid opossum walking along the top of your fence, eating what’s left on the plum tree. Have you seen an opossum lately? Or ever? Those things are hideous. And mean.

Every night I hear them outside chewing. It’s gross. Imagine a two year old eating a banana while pointing a microphone directly toward his mouth. At least they’re not fighting and hissing at each other. ((shiver)) Seriously, what purpose do they serve?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Times, they are a changin'

The old addage of the Marine Corps is, "If the Corps wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one!" Oh, how very clever you Devil Dogs are. Your first priority is to the corps, and family is they say. Sacrifice is everywhere. I'm starting to see a few changes. The wives are always recognized and honored at deployment briefings, reenlistments and retirements. Then the paternal leave started. Ten days to be at home with your wife and newborn. I was starting to get sad again at all of the things Bill will miss once again as he deploys next year, but thankful that he'll at least be home for the holidays this year and Trey's first day of kindergarten. Parents are invited to join their little ones for a shortened first day of school. I knew I'd be trying to push one kid into the room and keep the little one out of the excitement of 'big kid things'. But then I just got an email from my dear hubby. The CO (Commanding Officer) has given those with kids the first day of school off so the family can attend together. Sweet! War guilt? Who knows but at least this is a small makeup for the amount of time he's gone.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Achy Breaky Heart

I was at a leadership conference over the weekend. It was small and intimate and almost everyone knew one another. One of the guys up on stage was recalling a time back in the late eighties or early nineties when someone from the crowd interrupted and yelled out, “and you probably had hair, too!” since the guy on stage is what you’d call follically challenged.

“Actually, I had a mullet”

Uproarious laughter. Mullet. Why? Why did we all accept this as an ok form of hairstyle. Not just ok, but cool? Whose idea was it to even start this trend? The guy onstage followed with, “ok, let’s be honest. Who else out there had a mullet? Come on, fess up.” People giggled as a few guys boldly raised their hands in remembrance of the Billy Ray era. And then a few of us noticed him. The guy in the front row. With. The. Mullet.

Oh yes he did. And he looked like he was fresh from the salon with a tight little perm going on. Darn it, I forgot to look and see if he remembered to peg his jeans.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

July Wrapup

It’s been hard for me to blog. Not that I don’t have anything to say, I’m just not sure how I want to say it, when, where, etc. No, I don’t have anything that I’m going to spill out here right now. Lots of little things, but if my opening sentences sounded like I’m about to get all juicy…sorry. It’s been six and a half weeks since our good friend Eric was killed. It feels like it just happened. We’re still picking up the pieces. I’ve never experienced a friend dying before. Usually, it’s old people I’m related to, who knew it was coming or were at least prepared in the way of wills and things of that nature. Here, we have no will. Probate. Insurance. Attorneys. Not fun. I’m watching my friend try and just be sad over the fact that she lost the love of her life but she can’t because she has paperwork to do.

On the opposite end of life, my kids are crazy big. What happened? An older friend of mine asked how ‘the babies’ were doing. I looked at her with a fake pouty face and said fine, but getting too big and I mentioned we were done with diapers. “NO! You can’t be done with diapers” she said.
“I know. Didn’t you just bring dinner over two weeks ago?” (she brought food right after I had Leah in 2004)
“Yes, it was at least two weeks ago.”
My baby is a big girl who is starting preschool AND ballet next month. I try and hold her and smell her baby goodness as much as I can before she gets the kid stank going on. My big kid is heading off to kindergarten in 25 days. So begins my life of being mom to KIDS, not babies.

Having Bill home for the summer is way cooler than having him gone. Last year was just crazy. Now that he’s home do we have bees in the attic? Soaring temperatures and no working AC? A flea infestation that hit my indoor cats? No. No bees in our bonnet. It’s been in the lower 80’s and breezy, no need for AC. My cat has managed to escape outside numerous times and not a jumping bloodthirsty critter on him. Now ants…well, we always get ants. Stupid ants.

Unfortunately, I only get to have him with me for the remainder of the year. Looks like (which means we won’t actually know until right before it happens) that he’ll be headed back to Iraq (UGH!!) sometime in early 08. This will be his third tour there and fourth deployment in five years. Hellllloooo…can you say ‘up my Paxil please’? The only good thing, which I could live with out and would rather have him here, is that it will make finances super easy and we are trying to get ready to buy a house. Something about your life being at stake 24/7 over there that makes them pay you a bit better.

Bill and I celebrated eleven years of marriage last Friday. “Mawwiage…is what bwings us togevvah today” (bonus points if you can name the movie). Anywho, we saw the Simpson’s movie and went out to Black Angus to get our grub on. Funny movie. Good food. All is great in the world and now I know Bart way more than I wanted to.

And on a fun note, you totally have to check out this website. It’s hilarious: Planet Hiltron