Monday, May 30, 2011

Yes, this really is a post about my cat

Mozart is an indoor cat.  Can't you tell?

Every once in a while, I'll let him out into the backyard, as long as I'm there to make sure he doesn't take off to patrol the neighborhood.

 The only problem with our little routine, is that Mozart has fallen in looove.  He is really a smitten kitten.  He gets this look in his eye.  He paws at the sliding glass door in the morning begging to go outside to see his love.  I can see the anticipation building up in his little body.  Yes, Mozart has a girlfriend.

Her name?

 Lilac.  He purrs.  He pushes the side of his face all over these poor lilac bushes.  He kisses them.  Whispers sweet nothings (in Catonese of course) and seems irritated if I interrupt his little love fest.  I really don't think it will last long.  Maybe until October at the most.  It's a strange love affair for sure.
 He did stray for a little bit.  He walked the perimeter of the yard, saying hello to the aspen.
 Completely ignoring the birds who were warning each other that there was a hairy beast on the ground.  Fluttering leaves were much more interesting than the noisy chirps.

He's obviously not lacking in food hence the lack of attention to his feathered friends.  The aspen leaves only held his attention so long.  And then he was back to the love of his, uh, season: Lilac.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bullets and junk

  • It really should be illegal for the weather to contain a '4' in the first number as we approach the end of May.
  • It should also be illegal for children to be done with school any time before June.
  • When bullet points 1 & 2 crash together, my tradition of Slurpees on the last day of school go out the window.  Except the window was closed and the heat was on in the car because it was cold and rainy.
  • I finally, for the first time in my life, bought new towels. 
  • I'm wondering if swallows migrate through Colorado because that sure is what all of those crazy birds swooping between cars, searching for moths to eat, look like.
  • I use, way, too many commas, when I write.
  • There's so much excitement and craziness going on back home and I really wish I was there.
  • I miss the ocean.  A lot.
  • I do not miss the rude people of my home state.
  • I miss plants that don't have the word 'pine' in them.
  • I am on this weird fascination kick with Mormonism's polygamy thing, watching the show on TLC and reading The 19th Wife.
  • I could NEVER share my husband.
  • I should really clean my house.
  • And clean out my DVR.
  • The Rapture didn't happen, and I knew it wouldn't link
  • I had to explain Ska to someone and I'm not even sure I did it correctly
  • I'm considering taking the carpet off my stairs
  • My kids fall down and UP the stairs so often I'm not sure that's a smart idea.
  • I'm super desperate for a girls night out!

Friday, May 20, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

My very young (read aged 54) aunt had a mild heart attack yesterday. If that wasn’t bad enough, she is the sole health care provider for her husband, my maternal uncle, who has debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. This guy has had more wrenches thrown in his gears than anyone I know. It’s not just like he gets a sore knuckle when it rains. He has metal plates keeping his head attached to rest of his body. He’s been wheelchair bound for years and been in the hospital more than the mom from 19 kids and counting. He’s an amputee and really can’t do much for himself. Yet he still takes time to work on his art, root for NASCAR and give me a load of crap on my voicemail if I don’t answer my phone right away.

Being my uncle’s nurse for so long, my aunt takes care of all of his meds. He couldn’t tell you what exactly he takes or when and he’s on a LOT of meds. She worries about that for him. My mom’s concern over her baby brother included medication related issues. I assured her that there were enough competent people around so she wouldn’t worry too much and feel like she HAD to go up there and cancel her very important plans for this weekend.

And then I got word that my uncle OD’d. He’s ok now, but he took too much of something and was rushed to the hospital. Oh, and we just found out that my aunt has to have triple bypass surgery. My goodness. I have one really awesome thing that’s really my focus right now and two pretty stressful things that are competing for my attention.

Never ask the question, “What else?” because you probably won’t like the answer.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is what the inside of my head looks like right now:

Usually, when my head looks like this, I write.  And I have.  But not here.  Not yet.  Hopefully soon.  Ish.  Maybe.  So when I can't write because I'd have to kill you if I did, I put up pictures!  Nothing is wrong.  Everything is kosher.  No worries from those of you who do because God is in control, Halleluja.  Man, if I were in control, the whole world would look like the inside of my head and that would just be bad.  And messy.