Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lazy days of...Spring?

Knowing that my time here at home is quickly running out, I’m trying to soak up as many of my favorite things to do as possible. Yesterday was Trey’s last day of spring break, Leah didn’t have school and I was off from work. The weather was warm and beautiful so I decided to take the kids to the beach for a day of playing in the sand and sun. This morning, there’s a picture on the back page of the paper displaying beautiful pink tulips in Denver…covered in a fresh layer of snow. SNOW! Don’t they know it’s April?? Flights cancelled, schools closed, chaos.

Did I mention we went to the beach?

By this time next year my blog posts will read, “Jen complains about the weather. Again.”

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break!

Ahhh, first day of Spring Break. Wait. I don’t mean ‘ahhh’, I meant to say AAAACK!!!! A whole week with one antsy kid and no set plans. I’d better get to searching for things to do. First things first though. Blogging. Yes, I have my priorities straight thankyouverymuch.

We did something very untraditional yesterday: we went to a non-family member’s for Easter and it was apparently so much fun that I took more than 160 pictures. Thank goodness for digital or I would have been out quite a bit of money for film. There were 12 kids and an onslaught of adults. We ate and talked and the kids ran around, enjoying the bunnies and all the fun that our lovely hostess’s yard had to offer.

Of course there was an egg hunt. The kids were aged two to thirteen so the Easter Bunny had to get creative. After going through their loot it was time for the next obvious activity…squirt gun fight! What? Were you thinking of something else? The moms were armed shortly thereafter. It would be silly to be in the midst of a battle without a weapon, don’t you think? Our secret weapon was my mom. No one expected ‘a grandma’ to get involved. All is fair in love and war! When the moms were done being attacked by little munchkins, we sent in the reserve troops. The dads and uncles.

The kids surrendered after a short fight.

It’s good to stir up tradition every once in a while. Say a prayer for me as I head into my next battle: Spring Break for one kid, school for another and a regular work week for me with a kid in tow.