Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lazy days of...Spring?

Knowing that my time here at home is quickly running out, I’m trying to soak up as many of my favorite things to do as possible. Yesterday was Trey’s last day of spring break, Leah didn’t have school and I was off from work. The weather was warm and beautiful so I decided to take the kids to the beach for a day of playing in the sand and sun. This morning, there’s a picture on the back page of the paper displaying beautiful pink tulips in Denver…covered in a fresh layer of snow. SNOW! Don’t they know it’s April?? Flights cancelled, schools closed, chaos.

Did I mention we went to the beach?

By this time next year my blog posts will read, “Jen complains about the weather. Again.”

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Krista said...

These are some awesome Pictures!!! Love them!! I am ready for a beach adventure!