Monday, February 26, 2007

Cost Comparison

In my quest to find a place to call our own, I must use humor to deal with the craziness of my home town.

What you can get for $300,000 where I grew up:

What you can buy for $300,000 where my husband grew up:

Where's the justice? I do NOT want to live where he grew up. Shouldn't there be a grandfather clause when it comes to buying a place in your hometown? I think so. Anywhere else in the country, our income would be seen as upper middle class. Here? We qualify as 'low income' when looking at numbers for the first time home buyers program here. Ahhh, San Diego. The best place in the world you can never afford. =D

Saturday, February 17, 2007


After dropping Leah off at the babysitter's yesterday, I came to a four way stop with another car. I was there first. I took my turn. She tailgated me down to the light. I made the right on red and was a good five seconds ahead of her. She proceeded to race up and swerve around all the other cars and then cut me off, as we came up to a red light. Her license plate frame? "Practice random acts of kindness". I laughed out loud and shook my head. I hope she saw me in her rearview. The light turned green and she then tossed a piece of trash out her window. What?? It was one of those awkward races (for her) where no matter how fast she went, she always ended up stopped at a light just in time for me to come right up behind her again and make eye contact in her rearview. I wonder if random acts of kindness include cutting many cars off within a one mile radius and littering our streets with her crap. Karma.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Back on Track...Maybe

My teeth hurt. And I woke up before I was ready. On a positive note, my son eagerly ran downstairs to switch the coffee pot from ‘worthless’ to ‘hot and ready’ so it was waiting for me, full and sensuous by the time I went to the kitchen.


I have a house to clean. And laundry to do. And coupons to clip from Sunday’s paper. It’s my domestic day. My domestic days always start will great intentions. Something always throws a wrench in my cogs when I have plans. I have a bible study to complete and dessert to make for tonight. Fortunately I have push pops for the kids…and maybe the adults depending on how the dessert turns out.


Today is Bill’s first full week back to work. We’re back on schedule, or at least in theory. I’m not quite sure what we’re doing. Six months without him here had us on a survival schedule. Now I’m trying to design a live-and-thrive plan for the week. And yes, I am just that nerdy and controlling that I made up a weekly plan on excel. I love control. I rarely get it, so whatever I can wrap my hands around, I hang onto for dear life. And excel has those perfect little boxes.


Having Bill home, having his family here, just being whole again was great. We did family breakfasts, the kids climbed all over daddy while I watched, we watched Mary Poppins and ate popcorn accompanied by hot chocolate, Bill and I went on a ten hour date to include lunch AND dinner, we all went to Disneyland. It was as picture perfect as you can get. Now we have to move from our familymoon to reality…and reality is calling in the form of a little Lysol and a vacuum cleaner.