Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mad Lib Emotions

Ever get news that you really don't know how to react to?





Slight elation.


I have to make some phone calls, then I'll fill in the blanks.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Evil Garden

This is the neighbor's peach tree. She brings me peaches every year, and always states "they're a little small." Hmmm, wonder why? REDUCE THE PEACHES, WOMAN!!

Now, let's talk about evil things in the garden, shall we?

Evil...(diseased peach tree leaves)

Evil...(stupid flower that grows in every place I've ever lived and no matter what, I can't get rid of it even though Leah's name was almost Alyssa [named after this flower Alyssum] 'cept for the fact that my husband thinks Alyssa Milano is hot and that would just be wrong.)
Like my run-on sentence there?

Evil!! Scarlet Pimpernel or as I like to call it: Evil burr producing menace that looks pretty at first but takes over your lawn!!

Evil spreading bamboo. The people, er, person who lived here before us got some bamboo as a a pot...and decided to plant it in the yard. NOOOooooooo!!!! Bad bad idea. The banana tree next to it is consumed.

Salad for the rabbits. Hmph. They eat it, they fertilize it, it's a vicious cycle.

Then there's this: Yup, my son found him. The first thing I noticed was he was headless. Then I started to try to remember if red next to black was poisonous or if I needed to look for a band of color in between and is this snake even supposed to be in this part of the world and hmmm...

Yeah, it's the next door neighbor's dog toy.


Monday, March 20, 2006


I've been here, but looking elsewhere. I've gone to the side I said I never would. A friend of mine kept pushing me to see what else was out there. Meet new people! It's fun!

I didn't want to. I thought it was dumb. Why would I leave someone I'd been committed to? I was happy with? Why?

Everyone was talking about it. I decided against my better judgment to just check it out. I signed up. Incognito. It has sucked me in.

I'm finding all sorts of people I used to know. People I went to high school with. Old friends. Friends of friends. It's very revealing! The high school football star that was our version of "McDreamy". Total loser now. LOSER. A sweet, a total partier with "wasted" written on the description of almost all of her pictures. People from church who aren't very churchy online. My elementary best friend with major self image issues. Fascinating. Sad, really but I sure to feel a lot better about myself. I've got it together compared to these people!

So, sorry blogger. I've been sucked to the other side. I'm still here for the long haul. I'm still me, here. I'm just spying over there.

Forgive me?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The War at Home

Intellectually I know there will always be some sort of battle going on with my children. With Trey, it was food. The kid was anti food for the first 4.3 years of his life. He's demanded his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (white bread only, crusts cut off) be cut into circles. CIRCLES!! No food may be touching another part of any food. His snacks must be in recognizable packaging. No switcheroonie of brands. It's cheaper this week than the normal brand? Too bad, suck it up because it will go to waste because it's just not acceptable. Just this month he's slowly getting better. Being able to rationalize with him and use m&m's as bribery tends to work pretty well. I figured that my battle with Leah would be the same.


Her battle was sleep. I knew I had it good with Trey but I never realized how good until Leah came along. When Trey was a little guy, I'd put him down for bed at 9 p.m., bottle of water in his pudgy little hands, sound machine on, lights off and he wouldn't make a peep until 9 a.m. If he happened to wake up before then, he'd happily play with the stuffed animals in his crib. He rarely woke up in the middle of the night, usually only if he was ill. Leah? Still nursing herself to sleep. Still wakes up 4-9 times a week. Yes, up to nine. Sometimes she'll wake up an hour after she's put down and then again at 3 or 4 in the morning. She will NOT comfort herself back to sleep. I have to go pick her up, wipe her face clean of her tears (she'll point out the wet spots on her face for me to dry) and lug her back into my room so she can reattach herself to me. This baby is nearly two. I've done research on nursing and yes, we American's are evil nursers. The rest of the world finds it normal to nurse until three years of age. I even found one American who nursed until her child was S.E.V.E.N. Ugh, let's not go there. I just want to be freeeeee and I want to sleeeeeeep and I want to be able to tuck my daughter into bed without holding my breath, tiptoeing and praying that when I set her down she stays asleep.

Halleluja, Praise God it all happened this week. The older child is trying new things. This is a miracle. We've made a huge deal over the fact that the kid ate spaghetti-o's and tried (for the very first time, ever) a dinner roll. HUGE! Huge.
The baby started to fall asleep in my arms. I picked her up and told her I was taking her upstairs to go nigh-night. I talked to her and hugged her. I held her close to me and told her I loved her. She said, "et tu". Shakespeare? Yes, she's a genius. Or, she just said I love you too, in baby speak. I put her into her crib and she just layed there. Still. No ear piercing screams. No gnawed crib railings. No wet carpet from the tears.

I'm a happy momma. Now, I just need to figure out how to freeze them and keep them this way forever.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My two cents

So if people have figured out that there can be dual climate control in something as small as a car, why can't we do this in our homes? The upstairs where there is no thermostat is balmy while the downstairs is at least ten degrees cooler. We should definitely have the option of control on each floor especially when vaulted ceilings are involved.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Things that really annoy me...

When I let my husband drive my car with my keysforget that we drove with his keys and then realize as I'm rushing out the door with little children in tow that I cannot find my car keys...anywhere. I'm late for work. I had to call the babysitter and tell her we would be late. If I find them, the babysitter isn't at home, but at ballet class with her daughter so instead of driving ten minutes to her house, I have to drive thirty to the studio. Fortunately the older one doesn't have school today. Fortunately, I have a very understanding boss. Fortunately, I am a Christian and will go to hell if I kill my husband, so I shall refrain. Bill isn't at work. He's at an academy where he is unreachable except in the case of an emergency. The cell phones do not work on the base where he's located. I had to call and talk to a guy with a lot of stripes on his arm & explain that I didn't want to get Bill into trouble but I think he has my keys. "No problem ma'am" he tells me. Yah right. This should be a fun day.

Note: Bill came home at the end of his day and found my keys in the trunk of my a box...where I put them.

Yep, my fault.