Monday, March 20, 2006


I've been here, but looking elsewhere. I've gone to the side I said I never would. A friend of mine kept pushing me to see what else was out there. Meet new people! It's fun!

I didn't want to. I thought it was dumb. Why would I leave someone I'd been committed to? I was happy with? Why?

Everyone was talking about it. I decided against my better judgment to just check it out. I signed up. Incognito. It has sucked me in.

I'm finding all sorts of people I used to know. People I went to high school with. Old friends. Friends of friends. It's very revealing! The high school football star that was our version of "McDreamy". Total loser now. LOSER. A sweet, a total partier with "wasted" written on the description of almost all of her pictures. People from church who aren't very churchy online. My elementary best friend with major self image issues. Fascinating. Sad, really but I sure to feel a lot better about myself. I've got it together compared to these people!

So, sorry blogger. I've been sucked to the other side. I'm still here for the long haul. I'm still me, here. I'm just spying over there.

Forgive me?


Judy said...

Its not too late - turn away, Jen, turn away!


Andrea said...

OOHH! I see your new ticker. Is that what I think it is? How's it feel? I'm getting close to it myself. Kinda scary. Do you have any gray yet? I do and it totally bites!! LOL! Miss you all!!