Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Evil Garden

This is the neighbor's peach tree. She brings me peaches every year, and always states "they're a little small." Hmmm, wonder why? REDUCE THE PEACHES, WOMAN!!

Now, let's talk about evil things in the garden, shall we?

Evil...(diseased peach tree leaves)

Evil...(stupid flower that grows in every place I've ever lived and no matter what, I can't get rid of it even though Leah's name was almost Alyssa [named after this flower Alyssum] 'cept for the fact that my husband thinks Alyssa Milano is hot and that would just be wrong.)
Like my run-on sentence there?

Evil!! Scarlet Pimpernel or as I like to call it: Evil burr producing menace that looks pretty at first but takes over your lawn!!

Evil spreading bamboo. The people, er, person who lived here before us got some bamboo as a gift...in a pot...and decided to plant it in the yard. NOOOooooooo!!!! Bad bad idea. The banana tree next to it is consumed.

Salad for the rabbits. Hmph. They eat it, they fertilize it, it's a vicious cycle.

Then there's this: Yup, my son found him. The first thing I noticed was he was headless. Then I started to try to remember if red next to black was poisonous or if I needed to look for a band of color in between and is this snake even supposed to be in this part of the world and hmmm...

Yeah, it's the next door neighbor's dog toy.



Robin said...

EW!! The snake looks nasty!

Manda said...

Thats too funny.

Judy said...

Red then yellow kills a fellow!

Bamboo - you need a panda!

Shelley said...

We've just started looking at our yard to see what we want to do with it too - not to mention what to do with all the weeds that have consumed our yard! AUGH!

I've already marked June 10th on our calendar to be up in the Cincy area so we can get our crews together. Can't wait to see you guys!