Friday, January 16, 2009

Riding the Crazy Train

Being a girl (woman? Sounds too formal) chick married to a guy in the armed forces, I hear one statement more than any other: “I don’t know how you do it”. Well, it’s not like we get a booklet or anything. Oh wait, we do, but that’s not my point. I don’t know how we do it either. It’s just one of those things. If you watched a woman giving birth before you’d ever had kids, you say the same thing. Then you get pregnant and have that baby and you realize that you just get through it. You enjoy the not so painful part and bear down and grit your teeth through the awful parts.

Yesterday I experienced a day that made ME say, “I don’t know how YOU do it”. Yeah, you. The working mom. Ok, so I work but it’s very part time. How do people work a 40 hour work week and then come home and take care of everything else? I worked from nine to five yesterday on a project that needs to be D-U-N (which still isn’t, so I have to go in today…on my day off) and the thought of coming home to make dinner, finish homework and have quality time with my kids made me want to laugh and cry at the same time! There is no way I could do that five days a week. Add that and all of the extracurriculars between my two kids and my husband and you have a woman who needs a) xanax and lots of it b) wine and lots of it c) to be committed to a mental institution or d) all of the above.

So just for fun I’ve decided to record my crazy busy week this week so one day when my kids are out of the house and my husband and I are just sitting on the couch looking at each other I can refer to this and be grateful I was once young and insane.

Monday was pretty normal. Nothing big on the to-do list. Oh wait, maybe there was something. Oh yeah, clean the house. Oops. Missed that one. Leah and I went to Costco instead. MUCH more fun.

Tuesday. The beginning of the crazy week.
8am: out of the house
9-2: work
3: get Trey from school
3:30: leave for hip hop (for Trey, not me)
4-4:45: Trey’s hip hop class
5: get Leah from preschool
5:30: home again, jiggity jig.
6-9: dinner, homework, showers and a last minute friend-date at Starbucks

8am: out of the house
9-12: work
12:25: get Trey from school (stupid minimum day every Wednesday) and then rush home and grab something to eat
1-2:30: park for Trey with his buds
4:30: leave to get Leah from school
5:00: change Leah into her ballet attire while still at school
5:30-6:15: Leah’s dance class and Trey does homework while we wait at the studio
6:30-8:30: dinner at church (thanks to the hubby running through Burger King for us—and I got to see him for the two minutes it took him to divvy out the food), small group and Bill has rehearsal for a shindig the next night.
9: home and bedtime for the kids.

8am: out of the house
9-5: work (but I had to beg Bill to leave his work early to pick up the kids so I could try and finish my project)
5:30: home and say goodbye to Bill. He had to leave for church for one last rehearsal
6:30: the kids and I leave for church for our farewell to Fallon party. A friend of ours is leaving for Australia to attend school and we had a big concert for her.
10: get home. I make myself some dinner. Put Trey to bed. Realize something’s not right with Leah and take her temperature. 101.9 Great. Inject Tylenol into her mouth and let her rest on the overstuffed chair.
10:30: Put Leah to bed.
Midnight: lights out.

Today. Yeah. I need to run into work, grab my prescription, wrap birthday presents, get Trey and somehow work on my neglected house. Today is my mom’s birthday and Sunday is Bill’s. I have a kid with a sore throat and one who was hit in the mouth yesterday with a soccer ball leaving him grotesquely injured. It could be fixed with one yank, but for some reason the kid is terrified of pulling his own tooth out.

GOOOOOO ME! Thankfully Monday is a holiday. Maybe I can clean my house then?