Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wild Thang

Know what’s really creepy? When it’s totally dark outside and you’re sitting in the quiet of your house, in a room by yourself, and you hear something. And it’s not the hubster or the kids. You hear something outside. And it’s too big to be your faithful bunny companions. And it’s not your cats because they aren’t allowed outside. And you keep hearing noise but it’s not distinguishable but you’re paranoid because your house was broken into when you first moved in. And then the sensor light goes on. But nothing runs away, so you look out the window. And you wait. And you hear it some more. And then it appears. A stupid opossum walking along the top of your fence, eating what’s left on the plum tree. Have you seen an opossum lately? Or ever? Those things are hideous. And mean.

Every night I hear them outside chewing. It’s gross. Imagine a two year old eating a banana while pointing a microphone directly toward his mouth. At least they’re not fighting and hissing at each other. ((shiver)) Seriously, what purpose do they serve?


Judy said...

Opossums are nasty little (and not so little) critters!

Do you all have nutria over there? Now THOSE are nasty.

Erika said...

When I was in high school, every night, I would be lying in bed and I would hear something crunching on the cat food on our back porch. It was hardly ever a cat. There would be opossums and raccoons-after a while, I would get up just to look and se what type of animal it was. Don't like them. My brother brought my son a stuffed animal opossum from Tennessee as a gift when he was born. So cute....