Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Girls Night Out

Last night, I went out. WITHOUT MY CHILDREN! My "local best friend" and I got to escape our little angels for two and a half whole hours and have adult conversation, wear any kind of clothing we wanted (read: no worries about little fingers 'decorating' it, pulling it, wiping noses on it, etc), focus on no one but ourselves and do what we wanted to do. It. Was. Great. We went to Chipotle for a quick bite. I'd never been there before but I think I have a new favorite place to eat! Taco Bell has nothing on this place. Afterwards we mosied on over to Barnes and Noble to browse. Browsing has become a luxury. We looked at books and talked and walked slowly and didn't have to have a wandering eye to keep tabs on little blonde people who like to hide and think it's great fun to run away from mom, especially while together. These two have been compared to Simba and Nala. They're little best friends/escape artists. So do you want to guess where we ended up spending the most time at Barnes and Noble? Do you? Bestsellers? Home Decor? HTML for Dummies? Nope. The children's section. We are just sad.

Two hours flies by when you're having fun. When we came back to my place where all the children were hanging out, the house was dark. Paula, Saint of all that is good, had the kids in the family room watching a video, trying to get them to wind down in order for them to relax enough to go to bed. It worked. I didn't even get through Trey's bedtime story before he closed his eyes. Good friends + good tv + Paula = Exhaustion = Happy Mommy. An hour later my hubby was on the computer so we were able to actually chat before I went to 1am. Yeah, so the kids were up at seven but that's ok because I got to talk to Bill and coffee is my friend.

Today my to do list includes:
*pack a care package to send to Bill
*go to the post office to mail said package
*head out to Costco (woohoo!) for some vitals
*pay bills
*hopefully catch a nap while my little ones are down
*and church in the evening which not only fills my soul spiritually but socially as well

It's going to be a good day.

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Judy said...

Tried to comment earlier but blogger was having issues (surprise, surprise). What fun to have a girlie night! Hope your day went well today!