Wednesday, April 20, 2005

One eye open

Dear Trey and Leah,

Let me tell you how it works. When one of you naps, the other one naps. None of this falling asleep stuff just as the other one wakes up. Also, let's get on the same page with the early morning wake-ups here. Is there an unspoken tag team rule between you two that I wasn't aware of? You know, it's okay if both of you sleep past 6am on any given day. I won't tell! I thought I was tired in college. I thought I was tired when I was in college, working and pregnant with you, Trey. I even thought I was tired when I was pregnant with Leah and chasing a two year old around. But there was one factor in those equations that gave me a break now and then who isn't here now: Daddy. Go to sleep! I'm tired!

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Beth said...

My kids do this all the time...why I don't know. I think its like those kids on the commercial when they want the bath. Yeah mine are like that too.