Thursday, April 14, 2005

Glutton for Punishment

Why do I watch Extreme Makeover? When the best show in the world was still on (Friends) everything was fine and I'd watch the lineup on NBC. Now that I had to find something new to fill the Thursday night lineup (no mom, I couldn't turn off the tv) Extreme Makeover was the only thing of interest. True, it makes me feel a lot better about myself after looking at these poor souls with deformed jaws, missing teeth, four noses and three chins, but then again, it just poses all of the options to make oneself that much better! Have tiny lines in your skin? Get Botox! Have a slightly crooked nose? Let us chisel it straight for you! Teeth don't resemble Barbie's? We can fix that, but we'll have to remove the ones God gave you first. Don't wear a size 0? What's wrong with you, fatty? Diet and move your butt!! Now that's good tv. I think I'll grab some peanut M&M's next Thursday as I sit down to watch it again.


Judy said...

Did you ever watch that series, The Swan? That was awful - much of the same, but at the end of the show are all these doctors and psychs and trainers looking around with their chests puffed out saying, "Look at MY accomplishment! Look at MY fabulous work! I am AWESOME!" Okay, not a direct quote, but you get the picture.

Sad thing is, I watched the dern thing - every week.

Kate said...

I felt that Friends got worse and worse as the season came to an end. It was so funny when they were all young and single :)

I really like to watch Lost, Scrubs, 24 and Trading Spaces.

Atomic Bombshell said...

I have to agree. I watched it once and started imagining all the things that could stand to be surgically improved on me... Bad! Bad!

Beth said...

I don't know...I loved friends, I loved it when they were older too. Now I am and avid reality tv watcher, I love Survivor and the Appretice on thursday nights.