Saturday, July 30, 2005

Yes I'm Spoiled, But I'm Still Going to Complain

A normal Saturday would go something like this: the kids wake up around 8, Bill's already downstairs so I bring them to him and I go back up and go back to sleep. Around 9 he brings me coffee, wakes me with a kiss and tells me that the muffins in the oven are almost done. Then we'd read the paper while the tv blares Nickelodeon or some other kid shows. Later, Bill takes Trey out to wash the car, or haul the recycleables to that great place that pays us money for our trash and Leah and I get ready for whatever it is we're going to do that day.

Seeing as how Bill has been gone for 22 Saturdays, I haven't had this luxury in a long time. Between the retreat last week and day to day stuff, I've been a walking zombie. So, no, I haven't been lazy in updating my mood on the side...I've been tired this whole time. I'm normally a gal in need of 9 hours a night to be functional. I've been surviving on 5 for days on end. The kids go to bed anywhere between 9 and 10 and I stay up to chat with Bill since it's bright and early in Iraq when all is quiet here. We get up early for pre-school, we get up early for church. Soon, we'll be adding MOPS and Bible study to the mix as well. I decided that I would try and go to bed early last night (before 1am) so as to be somewhat functional. That's all I need: Trey to be sitting on some psychologist's couch in fifteen years looking back and saying that all his mom ever did was clean and yell, "Quiet! Mommy needs to rest!"

I ended my conversation with Bill around 10:30 and was in bed asleep by 11.

Leah woke up at 2am. She was awake until 4am. The child has not done this in weeks. Many many weeks. Why last night? After my third and final attempt to put her back in bed I was finally able to go back to sleep myself. Trey walked in at 6:45 ready to greet the day. That left me with six broken hours of sleep.

My children better grow up to be rich so they can buy me a nice house with insulated windows and great window coverings so I can sleep till noon if so desired. By then, I'll probably suffer from insomnia. Guess I'll just call them to tell them about it when I have those 4am wake cycles!


poopie said...

Hang in there gal! Mike sent me over to say Happy Anniversary ;)

Beth said...

spoiled spoiled spoiled lol maybe I am just too green with envy lol.

Joe said...

Well, happy anniversary! Please tell your husband how proud we are of him and the rest of the troops.

I'm an Air Force brat. My mother was a military wife for 31 years.

I love the Air Force. I also love the Army and the Navy.

But there is no branch of service that raises as much pride in me as the Marines.

Judy said...

Isn't that just the way it is? Every time I try to get to bed early, some little alarm goes off in the boys' rooms and they are up all night! Maybe you can get some solid sleep tonight!

Tammy said...

Girl I'm with you on the needing more then 8 hours of sleep in order to make the day go by good. Without that sleep I am a mess.
I am blessed to have a husband who gets up with my kids in the middle of the night.
I really don't know how you do it. I give you lots of credit. You are a strong woman and I can't imagine not having my husband home with me everyday. Just think of the great thing your husband is doing for your country. Hang in there. He will be home soon and you can rest easy once he gets home. Hugs.

Judy said...

Hey Jen - got your message about your friends moving to Keller - it is about 4 hours from here - on the north side of Fort Worth (cow country - the typical Texas "look"). Never been there, so I can't tell you much else about it! HAHA

Bill said...

i love you!

Duke_of_Earle said...

I LOVE "The Princess Bride!" Happy anniversary! And I can so relate to what you and Bill are going through.

I left my bride behind twice to go fly Phantoms off the Forrestal, back in the 70s. Nobody was shooting at us then, but each cruise we left someone behind due to training accidents. The strain on my wife was significant.

It was only our faith that kept that strain from tearing at the fabric of our marriage.

He'll be home soon (not soon enough, but soon). What he's doing is worth it. I believed it in the 70s, and I believe it today.


FFwife said...

Happy Belated Aniversary. You are doing a wonderful job. I don't see how you do it!!

I hope that you get a good night's sleep tonight.

John said...

Hey, just thought I'd drop by and leave a comment. I signed up for a pen pal program, and drew Bill. We've written each other a few times, (Not as much as I should have :( ), and I thought I'd drop by your blog and say hello!

I was in the Air Force from 93-97, and reserves from 97-00 as a medic. Never got deployed on anything extended, so I guess I was lucky there.

Anyway, chin up, hello, and howareya? :D

P.S. Gorgeous little princess, btw.

steve said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I read Bills blog and wanted you to know you BOTh are in my prayers

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