Wednesday, July 20, 2005


It's hot. I have to clean my house in preparation for the weekend. That means I have to physically move. It's 90 degrees outside. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's been hot where you are since April but the city I live in says in it's own name that we are by the ocean. It's supposed to be cooler by the water. It's not. Five miles inland from here and it's close to 100. I don't want to turn on my A/C for fear of SDG&E taking my children as payment since I will not be able to pay them monetarily. At least they haven't started to threaten rolling blackouts...yet. I really shouldn't complain though. Where Bill's at, they have a high of 115 and a LOW of 99.


Katy said...

I am feelin' yah sister. Ugh....I wanted summer to come so bad and now I am praying for fall.

Judy said...

Think cool thoughts! Think cool thoughts!