Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I sat down to watch Discovery Health Channel's Babies: Special Delivery and I knew one of the women giving birth! Then I thought, maybe this person just looks like the person I know and happens to have the same name as the person I know. Ok, so I don't really know her, but we went to college together in Orange County...you know, The OC. What--ever! Anyway, she gave birth down here in San Diego and after the baby made his appearance, a small stampede of my former college classmates flooded the room to welcome the baby. It was like a little reunion without the uncomfortable small talk.

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Judy said...

I would totally freak if I saw someone I went to school with on TV. There was a show on TV a while back called "High School Reunion" and it was a high school from Round Rock Texas. I didn't go there, but one of the gals on the show went to the same university I did, just a couple of years after I went. I was an advisor to a group she was in, so I knew her, but not really. Hated the show, but I watched it faithfully to see what she was up to!

Strange about the booster seat thing! HAHA Maybe I should start taking more pics of stuff around my house and see how much we have that is the same!