Friday, July 15, 2005

Fun-knee Jen-knee

Here's a fun little game you can try. I found this over at Robin's site.
Here are the directions:Type "(your name) is" into Google, then post your favorite results.

In the Blogger world, I go by Jen, but to everyone who really knows me, I'm Jennie. Pronounced: Jenny, not Jeannie. Man, I hate that. There's no 'A' so why do people insist on calling me Jeannie? Do I look like a harem who flew out of a pretty little bottle? Don't even get me started on my last name. Most of the sites that popped up had to do with Jennie Garth aka Kelly on 90210. Wonder if anyone mistakenly calls her Jeannie. Doubtful. Anyway, here were some of the things I found.

The Official Jennie Garth Home Page
Love her!

Member of The National TurkeyFederation © Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales
This has always been a running joke in my family.

Displays of her own unique style, working exclusively in raku and inspired bythe beauty and power of the animal world.
I am Woman, Hear me ROAR!!

Jennie['s blog] wears like my favorite pair of Levis and Lucchese boots--you wantto put them on every day...
awww, gee, thanks guys!'s not for me?

An independent writer, playwright, humorist, critic, and columnist whose workshave been published nationally, and recognized by theatrical organizations ...
critic, yes. Everything else, mmm, notsomuch.

Jennie Rayment - The Muslin Mistress. Classes, Lectures Books and Patterns forthe art of Quilting.
Can you say "kinky"? Ok, maybe just say rickrack.

This one was kinda weird. My best friend's name is Shea and she used to teach dance. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

Check out Jennie on Petey Pablo's new track "Meet Me In The Boys Bathroom" fromthe gold ...

Jennie Finch is a California native who looks more like she belongs on the beach than in the bullpen.
Ok, yes, this is true but it's still not me.

Jennie Shortridge's novel, RIDING WITH THE QUEEN, is 'funny, sexy, smart andheartbreakingly real...a wonderful debut'-Louise Redd.
Proof! that I am royalty.


Judy said...

Oh, I think I'll have to try this one!

Beth said...

The muslin mistress lol thats too funny.