Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tuesdays are Cursed

Oh, today's just off to a great start. Trey decided that he'd be Mr. MerrySunshine and walk into my room at 7am and throw a fit because he wanted to turn my fan off and I didn't want him to. "Go back to bed. You're still tired and cranky." Fits of rage and stomping down the stairs follow. Fine. I try to go back to sleep. My other princess, Princess Autumn, my tortoise shell cat who believes my sole purpose on this planet is to cater to her needs decides that since my eyes were open for half a milisecond, I'm ready to pet her. NOW. Because my hands are lying comatose on the bed, she uses her teeth to try to move my hand onto her and pet her into a blissful state of purring and drooling all over my pillow. Yes, she drools when she's happy. I tried to hide my hands under my pillow but that just prompted her to meow at me and rub the side of her face over my face. Cat hair anyone? All of a sudden I hear the incessant chirping of one of the ground squirrels outside who is trying to seduce the other ground squirrels and invite them over for a morning of rolling in the hay, or dirt, whatever. So what other thing can we add to this mix? Hey I know! How about the city sends out a tree chipper. It's 7:30. The world should be awake. Who cares! Leah is now awake. Hooray! One of our days to sleep in and everyone is up before 8. Isn't that swell.

Trey's sippy cup leaks milk all over the front of his shirt. He doesn't want to eat his breakfast. He's cold. He can't put his blanket on him. "I CAN'T DOOOOOO IT!!!!" FINE. Someone promised that I'd have an email in my box by the time I woke up. Turn on the computer. Not there. Ok. Maybe later. The only one totally fine today is Leah. I'm sure that will change later on in the day, as I have to go to the grocery store. That's right my friends, my exciting life is leading me to the commissary to go through my coupons, try not to lose my list and juggle two children and a cartful of food all before naptime. I also have the awesome task of getting my house in order for the weekend. I. AM. LEAVING. I am going on a retreat with my MOPS leadership team to the mountains from Friday night till Sunday morning. No phones (well, except the cell), no computer (withdrawal!!), no children. We are having the event catered. There will be a hot tub. No cooking. No Disney Channel. I am currently doing the Cabbage Patch. My mom will be holding down the fort so I need to get everything spic and span or she'll ground me and I won't be able to go to the sock hop next Saturday.

And now, Leah is crying. Have a GREAT day!


Tammy said...

Gee, sounds like my morning with Mackenzie. She was grounded first thing this morning.
Great start to my day.
Hope things look up for you.

Judy said...

Just think about how WONDERFUL this weekend will be! You will love having to NOT cook for a couple of days!

Marel Lecone said...

I am the WORST at being grumpy when I am awaken too soon. I hope that you have the BEST weekend. Yay for you!