Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm Thinking About Changing Her Name from Princess Leah to Miss SassyPants

Every mom knows the terrible twos don't wait that long. For both my kids, they waltz right in the door at thirteen months. All of a sudden, my sweet lovable baby girl has become...a toddler. Oh, I can't bear the thought! She's throwing fits. She's whining. She's getting aggravated. On the way to preschool today, Trey wanted to play with one of his pinwheels. Leah grabbed hold of both of the pinwheels we keep in the car as soon as I set her in her carseat. I asked Trey which one he wanted and after he made his choice I gently took it out of Leah's hand and that pissed her off. She said to me in babyspeak, "If I can't have both of them, then I don't want this one at all!" and promptly chucked it to the floor. Well, Miss SassyPants...aren't we sporting an attitude rather early this morning? I don't do mornings, especially sassy ones.

She's my climber. Trey never scaled the dresser by pulling the drawers out and making steps, he never leapt off the arm of the couch or pretended he could fly. He's always been my bookworm and a runner. We should have named him Forest. Leah, however, thinks she's invincible. During our nightly story time she usually plays with Trey's toys or sits in my lap. That, my friend, is over. She can now climb into Trey's bed and that's loads more fun than being on the ground. Heck, it's way cooler than a crib. It's a bed that you can get in and out of at will! I'm pretty sure I will have to invest in one of those tortuous crib tents when she's tall enough to maneuver her legs over her own crib.

From Princess Leah:

To Miss SassyPants


Beth said...

Oh my gosh, the terrible 2's have not left I am hoping that at Aug 2 and 3:15am that this bolt of lighening will strike and my darling daughter will be normal again. I will keep you posted lol.

Judy said...

Now, now, look at those adorable pics! She can't POSSIBLY be the demon child you are describing - can she? wink wink