Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Week Ends

The company I keep is, well, gone. Bill's mom and dad left uber early this morning and it's just us chickens again. We had a fun little week of outings here and there. Mostly, I was able to get away without the kiddos. Woohoo! I am so spoiled. This week is going to be hard. Are you sure I can't just leave them home? I'll be sure to put up baby gates and a bowl of water until I get back.

I've been on a quest to find a new bathingsuit. I'm sure you know the joy in that. I've never had much of a problem finding one I like. I guess I hit the season at exactly the wrong time, as in, after the major department stores are getting new shipments and before places like Marshalls and Ross get the leftovers. I've been to: Kohl's, JCPenneys, Macy's, Nordstrom, Robinson's May, Sears, WalMart, Target, Marshalls, TJMaxx and repeated a few of the bigger stores. I found one I liked at Macy's and wouldn't you know it, it was way out of my price range. $80 for a bathing suit? Ok, I would pay that price before I had kids and before I was married. I paid that price back when my paycheck wasn't going towards anything pressing but the desires of my heart. But now, there's the whole food, utilities, car issue. Can't justify it. For over a week I searched for a stupid bathing suit that I can get muddy. Finally, when all hope was lost, or so it seemed, I headed back to Kohl's (which is only about a year old in our area) and found it! AND it was 50% off. How do ya like them apples?

After my quest was complete we actually went out and DID things. Thursday, we headed out to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. They have a new lion enclosure where you can be about an inch away from their faces. It's so cool to be so close to a lion without the fear of having your face eaten off. There was a pretty big group of kids all up in Miss Lioness' face that day and she didn't seem to care. An ocelot was on the other side of the display and she was lickin' her chops in anticipation. Trey wasn't too interested. What's wrong with that boy? A lion! Right there! I finally got his attention when I started to compare and contrast the lions with our cats. Whatever works, right?

Friday was our beach day. My inlaws rent this supercute condo right on da beach so we were able to walk with all of our gear. That's a good thing when you consider babies+sand+carseats. Not fun. If you ever head out to the beach, take baby powder. It will get that sticky sand right off your feet. Swear! My son is a little water baby when it comes to the ocean. He's terrified of the pool, but the crashing waves, rip currents and sealife have no hold on him. He goes right in, gets knocked over, and keeps on going. Don't ask, I have no idea what his little brain is doing. Leah spent the afternoon hanging out under the shade of the umbrella, luring all the little boy babies over. She was supercute in her pink bathingsuit and grass skirt. Wouldn't you want to come over and say hello?

Now we're back to the normal stuff. I have more than a week's worth of laundry, bills to pay, stuff to do. But hey, there's only 98 days till Bill gets home!


blestwithsons said...

Man oh man do I miss the Wild Animal Park! It's the only thing about Pendleton I miss as a matter of fact! That Lion enclosure sounds AWESOME!


blestwithsons said...

Y'know.. I think your husband is coming home at about the same time mine is! I can't wait!

Judy said...

Tomorrow is 96 days! YAY! That's only three months and a few days!