Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day


We are so proud of you and we love you so much. Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy in the whole wide world. We can't wait for you to come home!

Bill & Trey (2 mos)

Daddy's Little Slugger

Trey 12 mos.

Leah, brand new

Daddy's Little Princess

Yes it's true...We're all nuts.

Four More.

Proud Marine, the night before heading off to Operation Iraqi Freedom III


Forever thinking of you,
Jen, Trey & Leah
(oh yeah, Mozart and Autumn too)


Beth said...

Very cute pictures! I love the family photo its very nice, all coordinating and stuff.

Jen said...

My recommendation about family photos: Do Not Wear White! I was a nervous wreck until the pics were done. Luckily everyone stayed clean!

steelcowboy said...

Jen, I have been remiss in not visiting your place too, to thank you for allowing Bill to serve - for all of US. God bless you and all the service people, and their spouses who are at home.
"They also serve..."

Judy said...

Jen - that was a wonderful Father's Day post - I am sure Bill loved it...

I'm watching your counter to see how many more days until he comes is a little silly, since I don't actually KNOW you, but I will be so excited for both of you when you are on the same continent!

Robin said...

Oh that was just beautiful!

Beth said...

I know Jen, I never put there clothes on till we get there, and then I am still panicky that they will get something on it.

Tammy said...

Love that post. Very nice. I bet that made bills day.
I really love your family photos. You have a nice looking family. You should use the one picture of your family in your profile. said...

Thanks to everybody for dropping in in my little Blog.

Just to clarify a couple things... I found all of your blogs interesting, and left a little note of encouragement. I've found... I just like cruising blogs. Weird, but true. I just click the NEXT button up in the right hand corner... and randomly drop in on people.

Its just amazing what you stumble on. Most memorable, so far, was some woman who was trying to deal with being raped. She was almost suicidal, and was just posting all her emotions on her Blog. And she did have several readers, who were helping her through everything. People she never would have had around, any other way. So... this can be a cool thing!

As for my normal cruising speed... I go rather fast... so... my little note of encouragement IS a cut and paste deal. Basically, just don't want to type the same thing so many times.

Thanks to ALL of you for your blogs.

Its a cool way to share "whatever" about ourselves, with WHOEVER.

Blog on!


k8 said...

love the pics! praying for him too. xok8