Tuesday, June 07, 2005


It's Tuesday morning, 10am. Bill's mom and sister will be here in 24 hours. I should not be online blogging. I should be cleaning my house! My little princess turns one on Friday and her birthday bash is Saturday. The house must be in tiptop shape for all of her wellwishers. Here's what I've done sofar:
*Cleaned/organized the garage (it doesn't make sense, I know. It's just one of my 'things')
*Cleaned the kitchen
*Cleaned the family room
*Started on the dining room

Unfortunately, she spiked a fever of 103 yesterday and it's not too easy to get a lot done with a sick baby in the house. She's still her usual sweet self, but with a little more clinginess thrown in there. Here's what I still need to do:
*Finish the dining room
*Clean the living room
*Clean the utility room
*Do the floors of the entryway, downstairs and upstairs hall along with the stairs themselves
*All the bedrooms
*All the bathrooms
*The office
*Order the cake
*Pick up goody bags and whatever it is I'm going to put in them
*Buy the rest of the food I'm going to be serving for Saturday
*Pick up the helium tank on Friday
*Figure out what the heck I'm going to do to entertain the older kids at the party

Anyone who would like to take a quick vacation to San Diego is more than welcome to stop by and help me out. There's free cake! I'll even let you take a balloon home and tell you which beaches to go to, and which ones to avoid and maybe thrown in a free meal at In-N-Out, after all, that IS what a hamburger is all about.

Ok, off to grab my swiffer and some pixie dust.


Beth said...

I hate company lol, ok I love it, I just hate the cleaning before, during and after lol. Hope your little one has an awesome bday.

Robin said...

I have all but given up on cleaning before company except for the really, really obvious stuff. I was getting ulcers trying to get everything done and ended up being a frazzled hostess. It just wasn't worth it.

If you want some great game ideas go to www.familyfun.go.com . They have 100s of games listed under the "games" category or if you are doing a themed party go to "parties" then "birthday" then click on the theme and they will have ideas surrounding that theme.

Judy said...

Hang in there! I wish I could come and help - I love to clean OTHER people's stuff (not my own!). The party should be a blast - first birthdays always are!

Tammy said...

SOrry I can't be there to help. I love having people over for parties but also hate the cleaning before and after. It's no fun.
I hope your baby has a very HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY.
GOD BLESS and I am sending hugs and kisses her way. Ciao.

Sharron said...

I hope your little one has a wonderful bday celebration!

steelcowboy said...

I always figured if the house was a tad messy, people would figure I lived there and such...
Take care, hope all goes well. You, the wee ones and Bill are in our prayers. Thanks to him, AND to you. God bless

Cylithria™ said...

A Marine I love very much once gave this poem to me. After reading your husbands blog and yours, this poem definately deserves to be passed along to you! Thank you both for your service and my freedom :)

The Marines Lady

You took the pain, hid it away
For his courage made you strong today
“It’s not about me”, your mind rehearsed
When you heard him speak of his country first.

You knew of his love and strength of heart
That would hold you close though far apart
You’d stand there tall and wave good-bye
Fighting, not a tear to cry.

For what greater measure of a man
Your love that binds to understand
And he walks proud, sure and swift
To turmoil now and darkness lift.

He’s but a man in multitudes
With a lady’s heart to guide his truth.
And every moment, every day
You make him strong and pave the way.

You are the Marine’s lady.
The spirit of his will.
The dedication to his destiny - fulfilled.

2003 Darcie Cunningham