Sunday, January 30, 2005


It's on it's way. When I do "Super Leah", where I hold my daughter above my head so she's parallel to the ground and sing, "Super Leah...Everyone wants to see ya, she's Super Leah!" I can see that teeny tiny indentation in her gums that will soon produce a painfully sharp little object sure to cause much joy in my life. How can she be getting her first tooth? Wasn't she just born last week? Oh, wait, no. Wait, where am I again? Oh yeah. She's already past her seven month mark, I've got a three year old who asks me if he can go to school every single day and my husband is within a month of deploying. Can I go back to the week after Leah was born? It was so much nicer then. Hey, so what if I was 30 pounds heavier, my toddler was in diapers and I was up every two hours? At least I didn't have to think about being a single parent for the majority of a year. *Sigh*

Thankfully the Iraqis are voting like they should be despite threats and acts of violence from the terrorists...cowards. Apparently if this whole democracy thing goes the way it should, we'll start pulling out of their country. I doubt it will be in time to effect my family but it's a nice thought. On the other hand, watching CNN the other night I saw a ticker that stated that Bush wouldn't rule out war with Iran if need be. Ohhhhhh, come on!! Can't this wait until Bill is retired?? We chose not to join the California Highway Patrol (hum the CHiPs themesong here) because we thought it would be too violent and the things Bill c/would witness would be way too emotional for him. *Ahem* Excuse me, I'd like a big cup of irony please.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Iran. Why not Columbia, Rhuanda, Somalia, Ethopia, Sudan, Cuba, 3/4 of the world. War is not good for children and other living things. A mantra from the 70's not lately heard. Trey and Leah need their daddy, Jennie needs her man. The Marine Corps seems to think a career planner is needed in a war zone??

Bill said...

Actually, there are only two types of Marines: infantry and those who support the infantry. That, plus the mantra of "every Marine a rifleman" means that yes, I must go to Iraq and support my clients to the best of my ability wherever in the world they may be located.

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