Monday, January 10, 2005

It's Deja Vu, all over again

Last Wednesday, Bill came home from work and everything seemed fine. We went through our normal routine, no problems. How was work? Fine. Etcetera, etcetera. After we got the kids to bed he says to me, "you didn't ask me how my day was".

"Yes I did."

"You did? Are you sure?"

"Yyyaaah. Why? What's going on?"

Then he drops it. "I'm being transfered." Ok, the good news is that it's still within the base. A little weird, since he only has two years on station and I thought we were guaranteed another year, but whatever. Bad news...VERY BAD NEWS...they're planning to deploy to Iraq.

AAAAAAAAUUUUUURRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!! WHAT?????? So let me get this straight: You're being transfered for the sole purpose of deploying even though you're supposed to be at your current duty station for another year where there's no threat of you going anywhere? And this came out of the clear blue sky....AND we were just told by your monitor that he didn't have any plans to move you? What in the world??

Apparently, the career planner of Bill's new unit is broken, as in, needs and MRI for something. I told Bill I could fracture something of his, but that didn't work. Out of alllllll the career planners that could go to this place, they pick mine. Why? God only knows.

Back in 2003, Bill was reassigned and one month later he deployed to Kuwait, which led him into Iraq during the big playdate in the sandbox. He knew no one, had no buddies and no one knew anything about him. Fast forward to 2005: He's going to a new unit, deploying ? and no one knows him and he knows no one. Why does this keep happening? If you're going to the worst place in the world, shouldn't you have at least one buddy?

We're all praying for a miracle that will keep him right where he is.

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