Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Before and After

Before we had children and it was time to crawl into bed, we maybe had to remove a magazine or a sock. Perhaps even a cat or an extra pillow. Now that we have two children our nightly ritual consists of: removing two toy pianos, one is Leah's and the other is Trey's since he has to do everything she does, grab the book that's been hiding between the top sheet and the blanket, oh, there's the pacifier that was misplaced this morning and one of my makeup brushes that Trey pulled out earlier today. Hey, there's one of Leah's tiny socks at the foot of the bed and a sippy cup that somehow made it upstairs. Ok, finally everything is cleared off...oh wait, there's a Cocoa Puff stuck to my pillow. I'd like to turn off the light now but I'm afraid of waking up with an imprint of a lego on my cheek.

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