Friday, January 14, 2005

He's Simply a GENIUS!

It's always been my dream to play the piano. Since that dream hasn't yet come to fruition I've decided that it will be my children's dream as well...whether they like it or not! On Trey's baby registry, Bill and I chose musical toys sure to create a love of the art in our son. He had the Kick & Play Piano, the Sparkling Symphony Gym, a mobile that played classical music, Baby Bach and Baby Mozart videos, and anything else that played classical music. He even went to sleep for the first six months of his life listening to George Winston's 'Winter Into Spring'. Well, it worked. As a wee toddler, if Trey was busy playing and a commercial with acoustic guitar came on, he'd stop what he was doing to pay attention to the tv. If I happened to be channel surfing and pass VH1 without stopping, he'd cry. Now, he loves to sing along to almost every commercial that has a catchy tune (especially the McDonald's, buh buh buh buh buh, I'm lovin' it) and his favorite CD to sing to? No, not a toddler songs CD but Norah Jones.

Last year I tried to find one of those plinky kid pianos that I remembered from when I was a kid. They were nowhere to be found. Of course I saw them in a catalog this year, but I digress. He ended up getting a different toy piano from his beloved Aunt Teresa which he can play like a regular piano or set it to play a variety of familiar children's songs. A couple of nights ago Bill and I were sitting in the family room watching tv and Trey was playing with his piano on the floor beside us. We hear "Farmer in the Dell" and Trey's version of lyrics that go along with it. Turns out he didn't hit the autoplay. HE PLAYED IT BY EAR!!! I'm tellin ya, this kid's a genius. We shouldn't have named our cat Mozart, we should have reserved it for our son.

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