Wednesday, February 02, 2005

How Does He Do It?

As I was dressing Trey today he mentioned that the crown on his shirt was blue. Yes, it's a blue crown, I say. One year ago he attended a birthday party where every child got a t-shirt with an iron-on crown (blue or pink) and their name printed on it since it WAS a princess party and what's a princess party without royal attire? Then he tells me that Miranda's (his girlfriend) crown was pink. Now how in the world can a three year old remember that a shirt he hasn't seen in a year had a pink crown on it, especially since it wasn't even his own? I'm assuming you can add, but in the rare case that you can't, Trey was just past his SECOND birthday when this princess party happened. He better get straight A's in school with the memory he's got.

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