Sunday, February 13, 2005

And the Countdown Begins...

I just said goodbye to my husband's parents which means we are one step closer to Bill's deployment. Am I a bad wife for wanting him to just leave already?? The anticipation leading up to a deployment is like a horrible twist on the anticipation you feel before Christmas. It's going to be bad, and painful and a myriad of other emotions, none of them good. Just give me my shot and let me heal. Plus, once he's gone I can start counting the days until he comes home.

Trey and Leah have both been demanding a lot more attention. Leah won't let me more than two inches from her. Even if I'm in the same room she's whining and giving me the look that says, "I can't believe my own mom would abandon me in my time of need!" It's really quite pathetic in a cute sort of way. Trey on the other hand has been trying to talk over every conversation, stick his face in any camera lens that threatens to take a picture of anything, and run around in a dizzying frenzy leaping from one couch to the other. How in the world am I supposed to manage these two people alone?! I've read that deployments may cause some children to regress. Let's see...since his baby sister came along Trey has noticed that he doesn't get quite as much attention as he used to and will now act like a baby, forgetting the basic rules of the English language, crawling and sticking her pacifiers in his mouth. Mind you, this child would NOT take a pacifier when I needed him to when he actually was a baby. So, if this deployment causes him to regress anymore, say, wanting to wear diapers again, I'm going to box him up and send him FedEx to my inlaws because I will be drinking cheap wine in a dark room listening to Coldplay while popping Paxil like M&M's. Mmmmm, M&M's.

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