Wednesday, February 09, 2005

More Tiny Conversations

Yesterday I was collecting a couple of things for Leah's bath when a tiny voice from above shouted something like, "chips ona bed!"
"What Trey?"
"Chips ona bed."
"There's chips on the bed??"
"Whose bed?"
"Mommy-Daddy bed."
"Who put chips on mommy and daddy's bed?"
"Daddy put chips on mommy and daddy's bed?" I ask suspiciously.
"Yes. Big no no no."
"You're right. That IS a big no no no." Trey then frowns his brow, puts one hand on his hip and points his other finger wagging it at an imaginary daddy saying, 'no no no daddy'. "Well, you be sure to tell him that later, ok?", I say.


Bill had lots of work to do in the office so we didn't see him for about an hour or so. I bathed the baby and stuck Trey in the tub. I called Bill up to finish bathing his son so I could put the baby to bed. After Trey's bath, teeth brushing, pj's and story time, Trey proceeded to tell daddy that he made a big no no no. Mind you, this was at least two hours after the fact.

That's MY boy! Never forget the opportunity to correct someone's no no no behavior.

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