Sunday, September 24, 2006

Waxing flakiness

Four weeks ago, an event was held at my church just for us ladies. I sat at a table full of women I didn't know. One just looked at me...and then looked again. And we talked, politely, like people who don't know each other do. And the even went on and we learned that we both have husbands in the Marines. I learned that she was much younger than me. I learned that her husband is an Officer. I learned that she swore up and down that she knows me from somewhere and just can't figure it out. She asked all kinds of random questions, trying to figure out how she recognized me. I assumed it was another case of 'you-look-just-like-my-best-friend-from-_____th-grade'. I get that a lot. She listed off all of the things that she's taken a part of since she and her husband were stationed here. No. Nope. Nuh-uh. Sorry. I have no idea how she thinks our paths have crossed because we are in completely different circles.

Her: early 20's
Me: Yeah, just passed that decade

Her: child-free
Me: so obviously not

Her: lives in the northern part of the base, thirty minutes away
Me: lives off base, thirty minutes away...from her

Her: husband is an officer
Me: husband is a TRUE Marine ;)

She said she recognized my name. I don't have a common name. The only people who share my last name are Bill's family and they're all in the mid-west. It's still a relatively new American family. I think she was smoking crack. She and her husband attend the church venue that I produce. I ran into her this morning. We shared our niceties. She introduced me to her husband. I asked her if she ever figured it out.

She asks me, "Did you used to sell candles?"

"Uh...yyyeah. I sorta still do."

"I was supposed to have a party with you and I kept calling."

Oh crap. "OHMYGOSH did you used to have short, blonde hair?" It's now shoulder length and brown.


Ok, so in my defense, yes, we talked and scheduled a show and all of that stuff but the date kept changing because of a family emergency on her part...and then by the time she was ready I had a newborn. Life stops when you have a baby. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

I can't believe she remembered that. Two years ago. And I flaked out on her...sorta. I apologized for being a flake and for my own benefit interjected that I had a newborn at that time.

Never do anything you don't want remembered because SOMEone always will.


Judy said...

LOL - I have had that happen with people I would meet when I would sell toys (of the Discovery kind...not doing it anymore though because that would be ONE MORE THING!!!!!!). Always a greeeeaaaat feeling, eh?

Manda said...

That's too weird. I like the TRUE marine thing. That was Talk to ya soon!

Andrea said...

Hope you're hanging in there!! I do that same stuff all the time! My days are so discombobulated(sp) that it happens quite frequently. Love you!!