Monday, September 11, 2006

Yeah, I know

Strange things abrewin'. I've stepped back into the previous century and I'm currently (ACK!!!) using dial up to get hooked into the world outside of my four walls. Oh yes, I still have cable internet....just not in the same room as the computer. More on that later. (Amanda, if you're trying to call, this is why). It's been a very weird week. I will have to do things the old fashioned way and keep my phone lines clear by writing my saga in Word and then signing on long enough to publish.

Weird. Things. Full. Moon. Five years since that dreaded day. I was incredibly pregnant that day. It was a very scary thing to imagine bringing a new baby into an unsafe world. Now it's a part of life and my husband has been a part of the battle twice and will be apart of it again at least once before his military career ends.


More on my movie-like experience...tonight?


Judy said...

Praying for you, Bill, the kids and all the other service people and their families today as we remember how important they are to us.

Raggedy said...

My thoughs and prayers are with you and your family.