Friday, September 29, 2006

Change in the Seasons

As a child, I couldn't wait for the season to change. I remember hanging out in the backyard while my mom did laundry asking when it would be the middle of July. I was so excited to move on from my two piece short set pajamas to the footed zipped up ones. I wouldn't always wait for the season to change to do this. Many summer nights I would insist that I was NOT hot when it was a cool 80 outside and 85 inside, and wear my pink, Pebbles (from The Flintstones) sleeper. I wanted it to be cold so bad. Half way through an hour into the night, I would half unzip the one piece and tie the arms around my waist and proceed to sleep, half clothed, with my footie pj's in July.

It has been a long strange summer. Strange. Bees in the attic. Irrigation system quits. Car burglarized. Trip to Ohio (whoa). A/C goes out while the tar melts off the roads due to the craziest heat wave to hit the country. Bill leaves for Japan. Haven't seen who I thought was one of my "best friends" in months. It's just weird. And I'm ready for it to be over.

We're hours away from October 1st. Hallelujia, Praise God! Not only is it my first Cabbage Patch Kid's birthday (Happy 22nd John Christopher!!) but it's fall. I ♥ fall. It is by far the best season where I am. Things start to cool off. The skies are clear. My hair needs less time to straighten and best of all: the tourists are finally gone. One of my indicators that a change in the season was at hand during my childhood was my mom's switch of teas. Yeah, seriously. Summer was near when it was iced and when the kettle was bubbling, I knew fall and winter were here.

I had my first cup of "fall" tea. What else inevitably comes with fall? The changing leaves? Pumpkin patch? Wild brush fires? No, nothing that heartwarming.

The three of us have our first cold. Awww. Memories.



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Judy said...

Hope the colds find their way out of your house soon!

We woke to 74 degrees this morning and sticky. Where's our fall????