Saturday, September 02, 2006

As I was saying...

When I scour the homebuying websites, looking at rooms and trying to see past furniture and dishes in the sink (hello people, if you're trying to sell your house, CLEAN IT!!) I often wonder why some pictures are included. Don't take a picture of the living room where all you see is the big screen tv if the tv is not included. Don't take a picture of the patio with its adirondak chairs if they're leaving the premises. And why, why WHY did the realtor deem it appropriate to state, "Pet's Welcome" and then post THIS???

What in the world is this freaky animal?? And why do you think that this is going to help with the sale of your home??? Seriously, does anyone have any idea what this is? I think it escaped from Lord of the Rings. And I'm not joking. This family pet? was listed with the condo pictures.


Manda said...

That thing sure is scary looking! I would be afraid the previous owners would leave

Judy said...

That has got to be the UGLIEST thing I have ever seen. We don't have those in Texas. Just so you know, you know.

Bill said...

Maybe, just maybe Dr. Evil went and cloned a Mini-Me for Mr. Bigglesworth. Hope you weren't planning on adopting that thing 'cause I don't think the cats would take to well to it. Not to mention the kids.

Raggedy said...

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Cool Raggedy one