Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kevin know, 6 degrees?

You know those annoying ads that are on every webpage? I have two degrees of separation to one of the girls that is frequently showcased on the picture ad. My good friend who is also my hairdresser is friends and went to school with the girl showcased. Weird? I'd say. Dumb to blog about? Most definitely.

One of my best friends' grandpa installs home entertainment systems for the rich and famous (read Babs Streisand and Madonna to name drop a few) and my husband has met and shook hands with more celebrities than I can count on one hand...and he's from OHIO!! He's even had the door held open for him by Clint Eastwood. Yes, seriously. So, my claim to fame is the girl in the classmates ad.

Hot Dog.

Ok, I take some of that back. My step-cousin has been in countless ads and even a tv show. And now that I think about it, her brother was in that movie "Hero". And my best friend from elementary school, grades 2-4 has been in some stuff. Oh yeah, my mom was on Art Linkletter as a kid and has the 45 with the recorded episode on it.

Man, maybe it's just me. I guess I should crawl out of my rock.


Bill said...

You have managed to surround yourself with stars and near-stars because you are the center of my universe and all that I do circles around my love for you and our two little planets.

Raggedy said...

I really like what Jammer said..
It is so true!
Who cares about celebs or the picture for the find a classmate add...
You have a warm and loving family.
You are a loving wife with a loving husband and beautiful children..It doesn't get any better than that...(Well him being home of course)
I think your husband and children fell this way about you:
"To the world you might be one person but to one person you are the world..."
Hang in there sweetie!
I don't give a hoot for the celebs but I have come to care very much for you and yours..
Huge Hugs....

Judy said...

Is it the ad with the girl who actually looks like Kevin Spacey? Just curious.

And why are you the second blog for me to read today that mentions the ad? Man, I really need to pay better attention to pop-ups...maybe I know someone!

My degree would have to be about sixty to Kevin Bacon, unless he's good friends with Patrick Dempsey. Then, I'm in!