Friday, September 22, 2006

Say it like Napoleon would: "GOSH!"

When the spouse is away, the children will play, and the momma will temporarily lose her mind. Any help, any at all, is greatly appreciated. Fortunately, this time around, I have help. I have to pay for it, but at least it's there. One day a week, it's just Trey and I. This gives me the chance to run around and get my errands done in a somewhat efficient manner. I have to schedule everything into this day. I had an appointment scheduled for today. One that I've been waiting for, for awhile. I called to make sure the appointment was still good earlier in the week. Everything was ok. In order to get my "work" done that I usually do on Fridays, I paid for an extra day at the sitters on Thursday so Leah could play and have fun while I dragged Trey to the grocery store with me. I'm at work today. I just have that feeling.

I check my messages.

My appointment has been cancelled.

Of course.


Now I've paid an extra day's childcare for no reason. I could have just done it today. Every day is so planned out for me right now. It has to be. There's no fudge factor while working, other commitments and raising two kids without help. I need things to happen when they're supposed to happen. I can't be late, you can't be late, there can not be a change in the schedule or it takes two weeks to a month to get everything right again.

The biggest frustration is that I can't really ever say what's bugging me because too many people who personally know me read this and would know it was them. This is a part of the people pleasing disease I suffer from. Someone should market some antibiotics for that. I'd personally finance their beach house in Oahu.


Judy said...

The day OF the appointment they cancel??? Yikes. I've had that almost happen, but I begged for another person in the practice (thank goodness it was a big practice and I'm a big whiner) and got in anyway.

I know what you mean about scheduling. While Scott's around, he is often out of town - for a week or two at a time. So, that's when my list-making schedule-orienting self takes over. And hell hath no fury like a list-maker with a change in plans!

Sorry you are having to put up with that!

Andrea said...

I got an idea. Quit your job, pull Trey outta school and move in with me until Bill goes home. It'll be great. j/k I remember when Chris was in Texas for 9 months doing his basic training and school. I was working full time and raising Novella in California. It sucked so bad. Hang in there cuz'! Lot's of love...XOXOXOXO

Bill said...

If I came up with a drug that would do what you ask and you financed my beach house in Oahu, it would be a moot point because as everyone knows, in Hawaii there are no bad days. I kow it's circular reasoning, but I like it.