Thursday, July 06, 2006

Momma needs a new pair of shoes!

When I was a kid I hated going to places like Marshalls or Ross or anywhere that didn't scream "please pay full retail". They felt cheap. The lighting was bad. And we'd stay there for EVER. Then it was time for me to get a job. Guess who was hiring? I was one of eight people hired at Marshalls when I was in high school. I got to see the stuff before it was spoiled by grubby hands that don't care about merchandise. The stuff was clean. It was in tact. It was 60-80% off retail! WOOHOO!! I love a good bargain. Most of my paycheck would go back to the store with me buying Express, Billabong, Limited, all for supercheap.

Last night was a night where the momma needed some me time. First I headed out to a place called Tilly's to get some Reefs. I swore I'd never buy a pair of $20 flip flops but I've been told they're the best. We'll see. I spend 80% of the year in flip flops and they do have arch supports so I'll let you know if my feet can tell the difference come November.

I wanted to go somewhere to look for capris, maybe a new tank top or something. I was going to hit my old standby, Target, but something told me to hit Marshalls. This is why I heart Marshalls:

Tank top for me: MSRP $28 Paid $14.99
Carter's slides for Leah that I drooled over in Kohl's six mos ago: MSRP $24 Paid $13
Carter's PJ's for Leah: MSRP $15 Paid $6.99
Carter's t-shirt for Leah: $12 Paid $3
T-shirt for Leah: MSRP $8 Paid $4
Skechers sandals for Trey: MSRP $28 Paid $7
Hoity Toity Joseph Abboud polo shirt for Bill: MSRP $68 Paid $8
And the pies de resistance...a comforter that I've been searching all over for months.
Dean Miller comforter for Trey: MSRP $110 Paid $29.99 The print I got him is no longer on the website because it's "past season" but since I've been looking for it since it was the season, I don't really care!! I just need to get some matching decor when I redo his room, which is a whole other post, but other than that, he's set.

Total retail price: $293 I paid $86.97 Saved 70% Gotta love that.

Trying to look for the sunshine as we get ready for the storm.


Manda said...

I love the Reefs flip flops. I waned to get a new pair when I was home, and forgot....=( I wish we had Marshalls out here. I sure do miss the bargains like that. Talk to ya later!

Judy said...

Storm? Is it raining?

That is MY kind of shopping!

Queen Mum said...

A KILLER nose for a bargain! I can take a little credit for the years of training! Those hours at Gemco, Fedco,and the Outlet center in Corona paid off! Remember when you wanted a pair of $50 Guess Jeans? Recall my comment? Guess that will be all you get for back-to-school if that is what you choose. You deferred to a wiser useage of the clothing budget. Hope Leah takes good notes!