Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hey, uh, let's hurry this along shall we?

Let's see...

I've gone to work
hit Target and Wal-Mart
gone grocery shopping
done a load of laundry
cleaned my bathroom
made dinner for the kids twice, once for me
lunch for the kids twice, once for me
made muffins for breakfast
emptied and reloaded the dishwasher
changed the sheets on the baby's bed
lathered them with sunscreen so they could play in the pool
set up service with the gardener
tried to fix my stupid digital cable
read blogs
responded to and read email
organized my Tupperware cabinet

...and it's only been how long since Bill left??? Surely, it's been at least two weeks. Right? Oh yeah. Two days..and counting.


Judy said...

Uh, okay, I am just tired reading about this stuff!

Hang in there!

Raggedy said...

That is quite a day you put in.. Wow! I was exhausted just thinking about all you accomplished today.
You should sleep well tonight.