Thursday, July 20, 2006

Liquid Phenomenon

Trey is going to grow up to be a banker, or a stock broker or a lawyer based solely on his preference for boring hair. He likes it parted on the side and combed over neatly. I've tried to gel it, spike it, mohawk it. He's just not that kid. When he messes around with it and spikes it I make a big fuss over it, telling him how 'cool' he looks. (Don't get me wrong, I compliment him when he has Ken Doll hair too). A few days ago, I sent him into the bathroom to wash his hands. He was taking a bit longer than usual to scrub up so I figured he was either admiring his reflection or having deep thoughts on what to do with the rest of his life so I left him alone. Alone.

This is the child that didn't require child safety locks on anything. He never got into anything that he shouldn't have. He never drew on the walls. He didn't climb out of his crib. He never picked up anything off the floor to put in his mouth.

He came out of the bathroom, obviously having just styled his hair. "Oh, look how cool you look, Trey!"
"You like it?!"
"Absolutely." This is where I run my fingers through his wet, spiked hair.

I got the water from the toilet.
"WHAT??! You mean, from the sink?"
"No. The toilet."

Yeah, we had a little discussion about bathroom sanitation after we both scrubbed up with anti-bacterial soap.

This morning, I had a MOPS leadership meeting. My travelmug of coffee is harnessed to me in some way, shape, or form whenever I'm required to be somewhere before 10am.

As we're leaving, Trey always makes it a point to stop by the front office and say 'hello' which really means, 'do you have candy for me.' The kids got a peppermint disk and everyone was happy.

Leah accidentally opened her mouth while we were walking to the car and the candy fell right onto the asphault. She was on my hip and the baby bag carrying my travel mug was on the same arm, pushed behind her. As I bent down to pick up the wayward treat, cool liquid spilled up my back...from the diaper bag. Coffee. All over my back. Nice. Do you know anyone talented enough to spill coffee on their back?

Finally, it's been so hot and dry here that the wild bunnies who think that my backyard is their buffet were caught trying to figure out how to turn the kiddie pool into a drinking fountain last night. I didn't find any drowned bunnies this morning, so I guess it all worked out.


Judy said...

Bwahahaha on the coffee! Okay, not that it was funny in the moment, but ohmygoodness, I could so see me doing that!

What, no potty-stylin? What kind of a mom are you? Oh, I get it. You're one of those who doesn't LIKE e coli.

Andrea said...

OH MY GOSH. I'm rolling on the floor laughing right now. I can't believe he used the toilet water. That's so funny. I love kids. They always have some way of entertaining us. I'm sure that's not what you were thinking at the moment, but come on! You gotta laugh! Plus, it's always funnier when it's someone elses kid! HEE HEE! J/K! The coffee bit stinks! I hate how spilled coffee always gets sticky and nasty. Plus the heat doesn't help! I emailed Bill. Hopefully we can get together this weekend! Love ya!

Manda said...

The toilet story was friggin hilarious. I guess this is the stuff I get to look forward too. Thanks for the good laugh!!!

Raggedy said...

I have heard of toilet water before but erm,, not that kind..lmao..
I am so glad the coffee was cold..
It sounded like you had an amusing day.
Thanks for the update..
Huge Hugs

Bill said...

Why does all the good stuff only happen when I leave town? I'm kidding of course, Princess. Check your email. I love you!