Saturday, July 22, 2006

Holy Oleo, Batman!

My Weather Pixie is telling me it's 102 degrees. It's not supposed to be 102 when you live in a city on. the. Pacific. Ocean.

My AC is not working. It's a 'cool' 80 inside. I went to open the house up this morning, before nine and as I opened the sliding glass door, felt like I was breathing the air of a steam room. I quickly shut the house and turned the air on. Within the hour, water was pouring from the recessed light in the upstairs hallway and onto the floor. No air today. At least a week before the air guy can come out.

102. In a coastal city. No good.


Judy said...

Our AC runs from February to mid-November...I don't know WHAT we'd do without it! Melt, I suppose!

Stay cool - lots of ice tea!

Raggedy said...

I am so upset you are having to deal with this today. I hope a cool front moves in quickly or and A/C man makes himself available today. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I told my husband about your post and he only wished you lived closer, he would hope over and fix it right now....
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Bill said...

My temp may be "only" in the 80's, but the humidity is right up there with it. I honestly don't know who has it worse, Princess, but since I don't have two young kids to worry about I guess you win by default.

Judy said...

Response to your post over at my place - my combined utility bill last month (electric, water - with a sprinkler system, garbage collection and recycling) was just under $200. Gas is separate and was about $17. Usually our bill runs around $120 - $130, but the summer months do cut into the old pocketbook!

We are experiencing a cold front, though - high was 94 today. I can definitely handle that!

And, by the way, my word verification thingy starts out as "tex" this time - a sign perhaps? LOL

Judy said...

Hey, I was on the Weather Channel (one of my daily reads - gotta see what that satellite is doing each day!) and saw all the record-breaking heat California is having.

Just so you know, we have NEVER had temps that high here! OUCH! That burns! Literally!

Judy said...

By the way, where's your ticker like Bill's? :-D

Jerry McCauley II said...

I can't believe its that hot in Oside!!! We've been nearly melting here too, but today it remained in the 80's --whew!!!
Amy's about to burst. She's at 2 cm and 100% effaced.
She was supposed to be induced last Friday and the Dr. called it off because she wasn't ready. So you can imagine -- she's really ready now.
I hope you can get the AC fixed soon -- stay cool in the meantime.