Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Power to Your Flower

Once again I was waiting for the perfect pictures before I posted anything about my party. Being the hostess, I wasn't really the one taking the shots. My "photographer" has one of those cameras that has stuff on the inside that you have to take somewhere and they magically make pictures out of it, so until she gets her film back, I have a total of six shots of the party.

I've been planning this party for about a year. Yes, I'm that obsessive. We ultimately decided on a 70's theme being that I was born during that crazy decade. We didn't do disco but more of a "Brady" 70's. Flowers, happy faces, green, yellow and orange. Everyone had to come dressed in 70s garb. A picture of Gerald Ford greeted you at the door with the proclamation that he "wants you to party!" We had groovy tunes going although a lot clearer on CD than if I'd actually had the vinyl. Everyone looked great. Bellbottoms, pantsuits, blue eyeshadow and lots and lots of hair.

On the left is Bill in his hip, white, polyester bell bottoms complete with crease down the center. He's got that hideous grandma's couch pattern going on, on his nylon shirt. All completely vintage from this little boutique on Pacific Coast Hwy. Chris in the middle looking more like Bruce Springsteen than anything else, and Eric. What can I say about Eric? I think he left his bong in my bathroom.

Is there a picture of me you ask? No. Not yet. Remember? I was behind the camera. Here's my shoes tho!!

They made me about 6'2" I need to find Bill some platforms so I can wear these again and not tower over him.

We played a couple of games including one I made up called Name that 70's show. I went through Google images and found about 15 pictures from different shows from the 70s and printed them out, hung them on the wall and everyone had to figure out what they were. No one got all of them right. Remember Simon in the land of chalk drawings? That was a hard one.
Lots of food, lots to drink and everyone there was already friends with everyone else so there was none of that awkward small talk going on.

And until I get those old fashioned photos from my friend, here's my groovy cake:

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World.


Manda said...

Man, I am sorry I missed your groove fest! Glad you had a good time! See ya soon!

Judy said...

What a fantastic time! You are a BABY!!!! I have you beat by 7+ years! WAH!!!

Bill said...

It was, like, the gnarliest time, man!