Thursday, April 27, 2006

Don't trust anyone over 30

Tomorrow is the BIG day (you dig?). It's a birthday that ends in a zero, and I haven't had one of those in like, ten years! A lot of my friends have been weirded out by crossing this line. I feel like my age has finally caught up with my soul. Being an only child tends to have that effect on you. My life has been consumed with planning this party. I haven't had a birthday party since I turned sixteen. I haven't had a 'boy/girl' party since I turned six! =Þ I have major control issues and want everything to be just so. I've had so much fun shopping for themes and accessories and decorations. When I turned 29, Bill and I started discussing this birthday and the celebration that would go along with it. I've been researching for a YEAR!

My good friends will be there. Three out of four of my best friends will not. What can I say? They just don't love me.

Or they're married to those darn military men and live elsewhere. One is in Ohio, one is in the Bay Area and her husband is graduating college the next day and the other is in Colorado.

I have cleaning and decorating and shopping to do. We've ordered the food from Rubio's (since Chipotle doesn't do party trays), the cake from Costco and the liquor is waiting to be poured. I've got to buy fruit today to make this:

This thing costs $65 for the small one if you order it. I can make it for under $20. Thank you God, for allowing me to live in California where produce is local and cheap!!

Fortunately, I have today off from work so I can try and be productive, depending on how the kids are. I have to go in tomorrow. How much you wanna bet my boss has no clue it's my birthday even though it's been announced, like, fifteen times by others around the building? I have to give him credit. He IS taking me to lunch on Tuesday for Secretaries Day (or admin day or helpmate day or whatever PC thing we're calling it now) that was yesterday. That's not bad, right?

Pictures to follow!


Manda said...

You know I would be there if could. Doesn't mean I don't love ya....=)
Just a lil over a month till you come visit....WOOHOO!!!

Judy said...

Oh fun...I can't wait to hear about your celebration! Happy early birthday!

By the way, you are a SPRING CHICKEN!!!!

Andrea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ! Hope you had a fun party. Love and miss you all!

Judy said...

Hey - hope you had a terrific birthday! Blog and tell us about it soon!