Friday, April 21, 2006

A B C Don'tcha be messin with me

Trey informed me this morning as I was packing his lunch for school that "Mrs. Johnson" wouldn't open his fruit snacks the last time he was at school because, and I quote, "that we should only eat healthy food."



True, fruit snacks are not included in the food pyramid. Does every bite count when you're four years old? Yes. Have I watched every morsel that's crossed my child's lips since the day he entered this world? Yes. I labored at nursing because I didn't want any man-made formula near my child. My dreams didn't go as planned. He nursed until he was ten months old but had to be supplemented, against my wishes. I did everything I could but it just wasn't enough. I fed him organic baby food. Whole grain. Wheat germ. No junk. Ever. Trey is one of those kids who did not transition well to table food. He was on stage 2 baby food well past his first birthday. Cheerios? No way. Pasta? Disgusting. Zwiebach toast. Right. He drank lots of Pediasure to make up for the difference. I gave him vitamin supplements. I pick and choose his foods very carefully to this day. Protein, fat, vegetables, dairy, fruit. All accounted for. Some items are still organic. He may only have a cookie if he's had two or three servings of fruit or if he's tried a new food item which was like trying to force the earth's rotation up until he hit this age. Fruit snacks.


Do I buy the cheapest? No. The ones I have a coupon for? No. The best deal? No. I get the stinkin' fruit snacks that have 100% vitamin C and are enriched with calcium and the VERY first ingredient is fruit juice.

This is me, sticking out my tongue and being very immature because how dare you tell me what is "healthy" when I've seen the other kids at the lunch table pounding back cheetos and chocolate pudding.

Should I send him to school with a Pepsi and a pack of Marlboro's and see what they say? I could tell them that he needs to get started on stunting his growth since the quizzes state he'll be between 6'4" and 6'7". Hmm.

Food for thought.


Manda said...

I am not sure if I would send the Marlboro's. Maybe Marlboro Nah just kidding, The teach would look at you like you was nutz!!

Judy said...

Fruit snacks? They won't let them have fruit snacks?

Travis would starve at school!

Katie said...

Nutri-grain bars are probably out then too, huh? Love those things!