Monday, May 22, 2006

This Used to be my Playground

In my quest to find affordable housing...go ahead and laugh...I came across a house for sale on the street I grew up on. Thirty years after my parents bought the home I still dream about, there's a house right down the street that's $500,000 MORE than what my parent's paid. Is it beautiful? No. Are there tons of upgrades? No. There's still wood paneling in the family room. There's only three bedrooms. The bathrooms are small with icky lighting. There's a very big, rocky, 60's looking fireplace. The carpet is dirty. Ok, so there's a pool. The garage is finished. No laundry room. You have to trek yourself into the garage to do that. The kitchen is pretty big, but most ranch style houses have decent kitchens. It's on almost a half acre. Our house was on a quarter. Something you don't find nowadays unless you pay $1M or more, but pretty standard 'back in the day'. The school district isn't great. It went down in the 80's. There's no home owner's association so if your neighbor wants to park his brother-in-law in the motorhome on the street, there's nothing you can do. No sidewalks. No parks within walking distance. No community center. Just a 1960's house that has appreciated mucho grande. Man, my parent's could have some dough if they'd held on to our little ranch house in the burbs.

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Judy said...

Yikes girl - get out of that hellacious market! Come to Texas (sorry I keep pushing the idea, but I think you'd really like it here!).